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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

This handsome lad is 2 year old Bear, his family have had to make the sad decision to find him a new home after two family members suffered illness at the same time and will need constant care, so the family can no longer give him the time and ongoing training that Bear needs.
He is currently happily living with two older Vizslas a male and a female, also 4 dog savvy children aged 7 up, but Bear can be too much for the younger children being boisterous and occasionally mouthing when he gets excited, so his owners think he will be better with children 10+. Bear has never shown any aggression to any one adult or child, he is just boisterous and does still mouth when excited.
He does have a very high prey dive, and will chase, cats, squirrels, livestock or deer etc.
Bear really enjoys Canicross which he started doing with his mum, he’s a very strong lad and enjoys doing several miles a week, 15 miles is nothing to this athlete. With a strong runner he could definitely become a strong competitor in races, he ran an 18 min 5k with his mum and 13 mile trail run with ease.
He has good basic training and is good 90% of the time when meeting new dogs, he can be dominant if another dog jumps up on him or challenges him. He doesn’t like flat faced dogs like pugs, frenchies etc. he walks with a variety of breeds vizslas, cocker poos, mix breeds to name a few. Bear is walked on a Halti or slip lead, he does have a good recall to the whistle, when not around livestock, so he is kept on lead around them.
Bear travels very well, he is neutered and is vaccinated until Spring 2023.
If you feel that you can offer this handsome lad an active home with ongoing training please contact us.
Bear is currently in the Derby area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full adoption contract.
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