GSP Rescue UK

Coco and Zeus

Origin: UK / Age: 4 Years

This gorgeous pair are looking for a loving, active home together. Sadly, their family’s circumstances changed and though she has tried hard to find solutions, their mam feels they just aren’t getting the time and attention they deserve. If you feel you can offer them an active, loving home please email us on
Coco is a 4-year-old GSP/Saluki cross. She is of slim build and weighs about 20kg. She has a lovely nature and loves nothing more than snuggling on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket. Coco has a wild side - she will jump on Zeus and loves playing with him inside and outside the house. She has a tendency to steal Zeus’ ball when out and if you don’t take more than one it is unlikely you’ll get it back as her favourite game is to be chased by humans and dogs. She is excellent on lead and doesn’t pull. Her recall is good and she is whistle trained. However, she has a high prey drive and if she sees something moving she’ll chase; you can catch her if you see it before but not always. If she runs, Zeus will follow behind wondering what is going on. Coco loves nieces and nephews who visit - she loves taking a toy to them and playing and then having a snuggle once all the fun is over. She hasn’t been around very young children. Coco can be noisy when people walk past the house. She is excited when you come home and springs up and down. She soon settles. She can be wary at first with visitors, however once she sees they are no threat, she settles quickly. Coco is fine with noises such as fireworks and is mostly unbothered by them. Coco is fine with other dogs. She has a tendency to run up to dogs very quickly in an attempt to get them to chase her. Her owner puts her on lead if she sees other dogs to avoid this. She loves stretching her legs out, however she is also happy to be lazy in the warm, under a blanket. Coco will chase livestock and cats. Coco has spay incontinence and this is successfully managed via prescription medication. She has a sensitive stomach, so all her treats are natural such as dried chicken fillets and salmon bites. It took a long time to find a food that was suited to her and she is now on Wellness Core Complete Medium Breed Dry Adult Dog Food Turkey with Chicken. She also gets on with Dr Johns Gold working dog food. She can be picky at times, and will eat later in the day. Her bowl is taken away though - or Zeus would gobble it down . Coco is settled and sleeps when left. When Coco and Zeus are together they are both fine for around 6 hours. Coco travels fine in the car.
Zeus is a GSP/Doberman cross and is nearly 4 years old. Zeus is incredibly loving and loyal. He loves nothing more than snuggling on the sofa once he has a full tummy and had his daily exercise. Zeus is in his element with his ball. He will bring it back and drop it and would happily play this all day long if he could get away with it. His recall is good and he is whistle trained. However, if he sees something he wants to chase he will be off until he realises he can’t catch it. Zeus is very attached to Coco and would ideally only live with her. When they have to be separated (e.g. if Coco goes to the vets) he gets quite distressed. When left alone with Coco they are both fine for about 6 hours and he settles quickly. Zeus can be nervous around other dogs, especially with dogs approaching him. He sometimes yelps and pulls towards dogs but will stop if his owner walks on. His owner puts him on lead if dogs are seen in the distance. His owner says his reactions are not aggressive but linked to anxiety. His reaction to other dogs has improved with age. He pulls on lead so wears a Halti headcollar for lead walks. Zeus will chase livestock and cats. Zeus has always been fine with visiting children. He usually keeps his distance until he see’s Coco playing with them. He’ll then go and get involved, but then see it’s a bit too much and sit back down. He’s not been been around very young children. When his owner comes home Zeus is excited and brings a toy. He can be protective over his home and will be noisy and jump up if a new person enters. He usually settles down quite quickly when he realises the person is no threat. Zeus has no health issues. He travels well in the car. Zeus does not like loud noises, like fireworks, or a loud trucks. Zeus and Coco are currently living near Grimsby. If you think you could offer this lovely, bonded pair an active, loving home please email us on . They will be rehomed with five weeks free Agria insurance and as per our Terms & Conditions.