GSP Rescue UK


Origin: Greece / Age: 6 Years

Feb 2024
Beautiful Daphne has recently turned 6 years of age. Her owners have had to make the sad decision to find her a new home after Daphne and another female in the extended household have started falling out and have had two fights which have escalated.
Daphne is a smaller GSP cross around 19kg that originated in Greece where she was rescued and adopted by her owners in the UK in 2018. Soon after they adopted another similar age puppy also from Greece.
The owners say that she is the more dominant dog but is an anxious dog and being a leader is stressful for her. Together they have begun to bully one of the other dogs in the household and have attacked her twice so are now needing to be kept separate from her.
Daphne is very overbearing with her sister and it is very hard to train them both and build their confidence when they are together. They feel Daphne will thrive in a household where she is the only dog or with a larger, calm and balanced dog.
With people she knows, Daphne is very sweet, playful, cuddly and loving, she is excellent company on long walks. She is very clever and will pick up new tricks or commands easily and in the right environment they feel her anxiousness will improve, because she appears more relaxed and comfortable when she’s away from her housemate.
She is very wary of strangers, particularly men and will bark at them, with visitors in the home she will initially bark but when they are inside she quickly enjoy fuss and attention from them. Daphne can resource guard around other dogs but never people, she loves to bring you toys and play them with you. She is currently walked on lead around other people and dogs but loves to free run on quieter walks. She will happily walk off lead with other dogs but can be grumpy with them at rest or in the home. She has no medical problems but does get stiff after long walks.
Daphne lives with 3 dog savvy cats and is used to them, she doesn't love them but lets them sleep cuddled up against her etc. she will chase them away from food bowl if they get too close. She is scared of horses and large animals and will keep her distance from them, she has never been off-lead around livestock and hasn't shown an interest in chasing but will chase birds.
Daphne hasn’t had much interaction with small children and finds them unpredictable and concerning, so we will only look to rehome her with teenage dog savvy, calm children.
Generally she has a good recall, her owners call her back if other people/dogs are around, she recalls to her name, ‘this way!’ She enjoys playing games like, What’s this?, Ready, steady… etc.
Daphne is fine when traveling, she gets really excited when getting near places she knows. She is neutered and vaccinated until May 2024, she has her own passport and is up to date with her flea and worm treatments. She can be left with her housemate for a few hours, but she has never been left at home alone so her reactions are unknown and we believe that initially Daphne could suffer with separation anxiety so she would either need to have someone around all the time or have some understanding of helping her with her anxiety if she shows signs.
Daphne is currently in the Midlothian area in Scotland,
If you feel you could help this lovely girl build her confidence please contact us. She will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract. GSP Rescue UK Terms and Conditions apply 💜🐾🐾