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Origin: Cyprus / Age: 4 Years

This very sweet, loving girl is Gracie she is believed to be around 3-4 years of age and a GSP/Segugio/Beagle cross (her DNA results are further down the post) her lovely owner has had to make this sad decision to find her a new home because her failing health has meant that she can’t give Gracie the exercise and time that she loves and needs, she has been with her owner since November 2022.
Gracie originated in Cyprus where her owner applied for an older steady female, who could fit into a very quiet household, with few visitors and a secure garden, through a Cyprus dog rescue to accompany her and her two elderly rescue Chihuahuas.
While Gracie is loving and gentle in nature and will nicely walk along side her mobility scooter, she is still a young girl who needs so much more exercise than her owner can give her.
When the rescue was contacted several months ago and this was explained to them sadly they couldn’t help move or find Gracie a more active and suitable home due to no rescue back up here in the UK. Which is why we have agreed to help Gracie and her lovely owner.
Gracie has a good recall but seems to have some selective hearing when off the lead outdoors, the best way to get her to come is to turn around and start in the opposite direction she then comes running to catch up, still in training with sit and stay, 50% success rate so far. On lead she has been trained to walks nicely along side her owners mobility scooter and obviously enjoys it due to her smiling expression, however taking a scent hound out on a walk involves many many stops, as a particular scent attracts and the brakes go until she is satisfied. They live close to the beach and wait for the tide to be out so she does her ‘zoomies’ on the beach. She will greet other dogs in a polite manner but if they jump at her she will move and come alongside her owners scooter, she does tend to like little dogs and that could be because she lives with two. She wags her tail and greets people if they wish to stroke her, she doesn’t show much interest in children, so perhaps has never lived with or met many. She doesn’t appear to have much of a prey drive because she will look at cats and seagulls and even horses but shows little interest in them.
Gracie has some wariness with men walking towards her especially if they are carrying something, she will go to owners side for reassurance until they pass. She is not a social dog, that’s not to say she is antisocial but rather she chooses who she wishes to say hello to. She is in her element on nature walks and loves quartering rough ground and running into long grass.
Regarding visitors in the home, she will bark at them until they are seated and then she will happily go for a fuss, if they get up again she will bark until they sit down again. She doesn’t have many visitors so this could be improved with desensitisation to lots of visitors. Gracie does like to paws at them for attention, if she starts to paw her owner she says “gentle” which seems seem to help a bit. Her owner and the chihuahuas have developed quick ‘get out of the way’ skills when Gracie is around! She's rather clumsy and uncoordinated. Gracie seems to have previous issues with being disturbed when she is asleep, she will jump up growling and distressed if awoken suddenly so her owner always call her name before waking her up and give her time to settle. She does not attempt to bite, just looks very worried. She has guarded her bed from the two Chihuahuas and has growled at them when she’s on there and they walk past, but when she’s told off she quickly stops and allows them on, then curls up with them for a snooze.
Gracie travels very well in the car, she will lie down on the back seat with a safety belt clip to her harness. She does however put the breaks on when trying to get her into the car, her owner has tried tempting her with treats etc but eventually had to lift her into the car, but due to her mobility issues this proved to be too painful, although it provided some amusement to people passing by watching while Gracie put all fours out to stop her owner putting her in. She has some mild separation anxiety when she knows that her owner is going out on the scooter, she can hear Gracie barking/yodeling as she leaves but she seems to accept being left when her owner reaches for the car keys, she can then be left with the two little dogs for 2-3 hours.
She is calm around the home and doesn’t react to loud noises or bangs, she sat next to her owner and the chihuahuas on bonfire night and was quite relaxed.
Gracie is neutered and vaccinated with a pet passport, after her DNA test her result show that she is 28% beagle, 22% GSP, 17% Segugio, 12% Bleu de Gascoigne.
If you feel you could offer this sweet girl an active life with lots of fuss, she will thank you by giving you loads of kisses.
Gracie is currently in Blackpool and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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