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Origin: UK / Age: 6 months

Harley is a GSP X Lurcher who is nearly 6 months of age and we are looking to find her a new home very quickly.
She has led a sheltered life and will need careful introductions to new things because she is wary and can be anxious. She has been living with a Jack Russel who at first was fine about playing with her but then decided that she was too much for him so they have had to be kept separately otherwise he will attack her. She now thinks that some dogs are frightening and can bark, in the past she has walked with another little dog and was happy saying hello to new dogs.
With this in mind we will be Rehoming Harley as an only dog, hopefully in the future when her confidence has been built around new dogs, she can remember how much fun she used to have playing with them.

Harley has never lived with children but has met children 10 and above and has always been good with them, she tries to play with them and at times depending on her mood she can still jump up at the moment.

Harley is fully vaccinated, she travels very well and will sit or cuddle on your lap quietly. She hasn’t met livestock so careful introductions would be needed. No cats because she will chase. She has only been off lead in a shared garden and then her recall was good because there wasn’t anything distracting her. She responds to a “quiet” command if barking too long. Sometimes a whistle or treats for general commands. Does sit and paw (just lifts paw up) and will wait sometimes. Harley hasn’t been left at home alone, so this would need to be something to consider because it would take time to teach her.

At such a young age Harley has a lot of potential and is going to enjoy ongoing training she’s very bright and does want to engage with you. Her favourite thing when not zooming around the garden is cuddling on the sofa.

If you feel that you could offer this sweet, cuddly girl the time and training that she will need please contact us.
Harley is currently in the Stafford area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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