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Origin: UK / Age: 1 year

Beautiful Hestia named after the Goddess of hearth and home, is a 1 year old GSPxVizsla who is looking for a new home due to ill health in her family and a change in work commitments. Ideally an experienced home where her confidence can grow with strangers and visitors because she can be very anxious meeting new people and some dogs.
Her owner explains; Hestia is fearful of strangers and other dogs, she's very protective over the house and my three daughters. She becomes reactive when suddenly approached by people and she feels threatened when forced into any situation where her personal space is suddenly invaded. She has never snapped but I fear she would if she is forced into a fearful interaction. When left and ignored, she eventually approaches strangers at will in her own time.
Hestia will bark and give a deep growl, before backing off and often hiding.
Being a youngster she can also become overly playful and excited with the girls aged 10-16 years and can mouth and scratch them while playing and jumping up, but when she calms down she will happily cuddle up with them enjoying all the attention from her family.
Out on walks she will ignore other dogs, but if they do come towards her and show too much interest she wants to get away from them and would even jump up into your arms to get away from them.
At night Hestia is very good and will cuddle up on the sofa and have her goodnight cuddles and kisses from the family before being snuggled in with her blanket and they go off to bed. During the day if she’s left home alone she will quickly settle on the sofa and snooze until her family come home, she can be left for 2-3 hours after exercise.
Hestia is fed on Arden Grange Puppy Large Breed, she has her food bowl filled 3 times per day.
She barks at cats but it seems playful although she may chase. Around livestock she barks briefly at horses and cows etc but is easily and quickly distracted and moves on. At the vets her owner does muzzle her because she is nervous in that environment and at her last visit she did have a nervous wee, but they wouldn’t want her to snap at the vet so feel more confident with her safely in her muzzle.
She loves her own children, but doesn’t have any experience of younger children, her owner is not sure that she would cope well with other children as they may rush in to approaching her which frightens her.
Hestia uses a figure of 8 head collar, it has been the best thing so far, she walks like a dream on it. On the odd occasion she'll try and scratch at it and pull it off but a quick 'no' from her owner and a pull on and she continues to walk nicely.
Hestia has always been able to be let off lead her recall has always been brilliant and she always checks in to see where you are. She comes back to three pips on an Acme 210 ½ whistle. Her owner has never let her off lead when other dogs are around as she is anxious of fast approaching dogs.
She isn’t neutered yet and this will be done as part of our adoption contract, she is toilet trained and vaccinated and is a very good traveller even over longer distances.
Hestia is currently in the Wiltshire area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you can help this loving youngster gain her confidence please contact us.
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