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Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Hunter is a handsome, affectionate 5 year old who is finding having two very young children in the family very stressful, he has shown his anxiety by growling, barking and then running away and hiding from them. This has become increasingly upsetting for his owners to see, which is why they have had to make this sad decision to find him a calmer home without very young unpredictable children. He has been staying with a family member in a quieter, calmer home recently and he’s been much happier but unfortunately he can’t stay there permanently.
Due to the stress his owners think that he has become very noisy and he has begun excessively barking and whining. He has also become quite reactive towards unneutered male dogs. He does live with their female dog and they get on well and so a home with other dogs is not a problem because he does enjoy playing with other dogs, as long as there are no intact males.
He is very playful and at times boisterous, he loves walking and running around. He would be a great exercise partner for a keen runner or cyclist. Hunter has a very good recall and is often walked without a lead and always comes back to his name to go back onto the lead when they see other dogs approaching.
Hunter sleeps in his own safe area under the stairs when left at home and overnight which he loves, he can happily be left after exercise for a few hours. He is also used to going for walks with a dog walker twice a week with multiple dogs, which he enjoys. He is walked on a slip lead or figure of 8 lead.
Hunter is not good with cats and will chase, he’s living on a farm so is quite used to having livestock around without any issues. He is neutered and fully vaccinated and a healthy lad, who travels very well.
His owner hides treats like sprats for him to find as well as playing other brain games with him which he really enjoys. He is an opportunist food thief but only when his mum is out, he has also emptied the kitchen bins, which means he’s now left in his safe area under the stairs.
Hunter is currently in the Huddersfield area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this handsome lad an active life without very young children please contact us.
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