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Origin: UK / Age: 4 Years

This is beautiful Indie who is a GSPxSpringer, she is a few months off 4 years of age and her family have had to make the sad decision to rehome her because of a change in their circumstances where she is spending too much time alone.
Indie loves playing with her ball, going on long walks in the woods where she likes to chase the wildlife and lots of cuddles. Out on walks she is fine with other dogs and will happily ignore them unless they pinch her ball, then she has been known to be a bit snappy with them and tell them off. She also listens better with her training after a good run because she can be very excitable while on lead and at the start of a walk, luckily she is happy to be walked by anyone willing to take her, she has a good recall especially if you show her her ball.
Indie has happily lived with a female sprocker of a similar age and was the more dominant of the two, however she can also be the more anxious one around strangers, choosing to hide behind her owners legs when she’s approached. She can give a warning bark when she feels uncomfortable but if the stranger or visitor shows her a ball and offers to play with her they become instant best friends.
Her owner has said that it’s easy to read Indies body language and to see when she’s feeling uncomfortable, allowing them to move her away from those situations. If she hears a loud noise like a bird scarer going off she rushes straight back to you. If you do stop to talk to people while out walking she does bark at her owners to keep moving or to throw her ball.
She is living with young children 2-4 years who she adores and has been great with and has known the younger one since birth.
She is fine to be left after exercise for a few hours with the run of the house and normal just snoozes. She is fine on car journeys but can whine when she gets excited for the start of her walk.
Indies reactions around cats are unknown because she hasn’t come across any, she does bark at livestock more from fear than anything else, so careful introductions and desensitisation would be needed.
Gorgeous Indie is currently in the Chesterfield area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you can offer this loving, timid playful girl a home please contact us.
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