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Origin: UK / Age: 10 months

This beautiful girl will be a year old in September, her lovely family have had to make the very sad decision to find her a new home due to increased work commitments and a young family to raise, they unfortunately do not have the time and capability to give Isla the attention and ongoing training that she needs.
Gorgeous Isla is very food orientated so will give you undivided attention when there's treats or food involved. This makes it easy with training, especially in an indoor environment with no distractions. However this also means that she is a bit of a counter surfer so eyes are needed at the back of your head at times!
Isla actively enjoys being outdoors – she loves walks on the moor, beaches and areas where she can really run and use up her energy.
Isla isn’t a particularly “affectionate” dog however she will come up to you for cuddles on her terms but she does like her own space as well at times.
When she is tired or its near her meal times she can be quite “vocal” and will do what she can to get your attention in order for you to feed or calm her down for bed!
She is toilet trained, however her owners leave their back door open at night and she still goes out on occasion. She will also go to the door to let you know when she needs to go out to the loo.
If Isla has been well exercised and stimulated she will be more than happy to be left with a stuffed kong and won’t cause a fuss when you leave, she’s used to being left downstairs in the lounge where she sleeps on her bed for an hour or two but this has only been occasionally.
Isla loves playing with other dogs of a similar size and breed, she really loves her walks and will happily run and play with the other dogs, due to her size she can forget how big she is around smaller dogs, she has shown some submissive behaviour to some other dogs. She has the starting of a decent recall, although with all youngsters it does need more work. She does respond to the whistle, however as soon as she picks up the scent she does go off and it can take several attempts on the whistle and calling her before she does come back, her owners find shouting “biscuit” works well.
Isla has been around horses and cows with no interest, but she will chase deer, rabbits and further training would be needed for her to leave sheep. Her owners believe that she would chase a cat after being tormented by the neighbours cats and having a high prey drive.
Since being a puppy she has been around 2 small children under the age of 5. She has been used to being played with and manhandled by them and follows them around wherever they go. Due to her size she sometimes forgets how big she actually is and can jump up in excitement which her family have been working on but families with older or bigger children may be more suited rather than young children or babies.
Isla travels really well in the car and loves going off for day trips with her family.
She hasn’t had her first season so hasn’t been neutered yet, this will be done as part of our Adoption Contract at the most suitable time for Isla and her adopters. She is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments
Gorgeous Isla is currently just outside Glasgow and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could off this active youngster the ongoing training and exercise that she loves please contact us.
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