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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

This very handsome lad is Jones, he is two and a half years old and a happy, loving and intelligent boy whose owners have had to make the very sad decision to find him a new home after he moved with his owners to a new house four months ago and he has found the ability to escape from the garden on several occasions taking his Vizsla sister with him. Unfortunately, this has got him in trouble with the local constabulary when a landowner complained about finding Jones on his property where birds and sheep are kept. Although no birds, sheep, other animals or people have been harmed by Jones running free, the police have issued a warning to his owners and they are naturally concerned to protect him and their other dog for the future. Whilst there are gates and high hedges to their garden, it is very rural and Jones now knows the attractions that lie beyond. He did previously live next door to sheep and showed no interest in trying to reach them. His owners have also kept chickens in enclosed pens and these were the attraction more than the sheep.
Jones has no medical problems and is very fit and healthy.
He loves running and retrieving tennis balls (which he will do all day long) and being outside sniffing the air and the undergrowth. He is very true to breed, although not very keen on water! He is very loving and loyal to his owners especially his dad who he loves to follow around and will always want to be in the same room or close by. As the owners mostly work from home Jones has not been left alone for long periods of time and he has always had his sister with him for company, but both dogs are left for up to 3 hours at a time a few times a week. He sleeps in the kitchen although he loves a cuddle in bed in the morning.
The owners did have a cat living with them for a short while who was quite a feisty old boy and would square up to both dogs but Jones would chase most cats if he got the opportunity. He has also been brought up from a puppy with the owners daughter’s dog visiting regularly and grandchildren now aged four and a half and under two and there has never been any concern with him being around them, however he can be boisterous and accidentally clumsy. He has not experienced living with older children but the owners grown up children visit regularly and he loves to cuddle up with them on the sofa and be at the centre of the family and basks in getting strokes and attention. He loves human contact although he can be a bit nervous of adult men, and will hang back when he first meets them until he is sure they are no threat.
Jones loves to be tired out with lots of exercise and his owners have tended to exercise him in secure fields so that he can free run. His recall in this environment when he is retrieving the ball and putting it down ready for the next time is excellent. He is also used to a dog walker who would take Jones and his sister along with several other dogs to her paddock. The owners have not to let him off the lead where the environment is not secure. After a good run he is happy to relax on his bed (or preferably the settee!) Jones loves his grub! He is fed a good quality kibble morning and evening although he is always on the look out for any opportunity to earn a treat, or swipe something off a worksurface or clean up after grandchildren!
He walks on the lead but is very excited when first sets off and would be happy to do long walks. His owners have recently switched to him wearing a French collar when walking and he is much better with this now and settles into the walk more quickly but still needs ongoing training. He likes to go out and be sociable and receives lots of attention from other dog lovers. He is used to mixing and being with other dogs but will sometimes growl at other dogs when on the lead and they are not. He excitedly leaps into the boot of the car and travels with no problem (even long journeys). Jones has holidayed with his owners in cottages in Wales, Cornwall and the Peaks and loves investigating new places. He has recently spent 4 days and nights in a local kennel with no issues.
If you think you could offer this loving and beautiful young boy a secure garden and lots of exercise and adventures with ongoing training please contact us.
Jones is currently in the Derbyshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and out Adoption Contract. GSP Rescue UK terms and conditions apply. 💜🐾🐾