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Origin: UK / Age: 10 Years

This gorgeous lad is 10 year old Kane he is a much loved, happy, healthy lad who’s mum has had to make the sad decision to find him a new home after a change in their personal circumstances and ill health.
Kane has quite bad separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for long periods of time, he is fine for one to two hours, but gets stressed if left longer. His mum allows him access to the window where he can watch her return to the drive.
He can have a sensitive stomach and can get sick if he eats cow pats, etc out on walks.
Kane needs his ears cleaned regularly and can have dry skin at times, but this can be easily managed.
He can bark at bumps or noises inside or outside the house that he’s not sure about. He’s scared of bangs like fireworks and has developed a fear of the rain when he is inside as he thinks there is going to be thunder, but fine once he's outside.
Kanes recall is good but he will try to push the boundaries and ignore the first command. He loves a long walk where he can get off lead to run and stretch his legs. He loves to play wrestle with a tug rope and he loves a squeaky Kong toy.
One of his favourite things is to join in and share a Sunday roast! He loves a dog treat and the occasional Dentastix for his teeth.
Kane is very loving and likes to cuddle on the couch in the evening. Generally has a sweet nature but just gets a little grumpy at times.
In the summer he loves to sunbathe, so he needs someone to keep a close eye on him because being black he absorbs the heat quite quickly without realising, he does love the heat and can usually be found sprawled out in front of a wood burning stove on a winters evening or completely covered by his blanket fast asleep.
Out on walks he’s generally very good, on times he can ignore the first call back but will react to a loud wolf whistle, he often runs ahead but comes back to check regularly to see where his mum is. He’s happy to meet and play with different dogs, however he seems to have developed a dislike for yellow Labradors and will show slight aggression towards the two males that live in the village he will only tolerate puppies for a short while before getting fed up with them.
He’s a very clever boy and responds well to basic commands like UP, DOWN, HERE, LEAVE IT, BED, TREAT/BISCUIT FOODIES, DRINKIE, TEDDY, TOY, PEEPEE.
He will tell you when he wants his blanket tucked back over him, as he gets up and stands next to his bed until it’s done.
He’s pretty good on the lead, but can pull a bit when excited.
He has a couple fatty lumps but he has been thoroughly checked out at the vets who said he’s in excellent condition, healthy and a strong 10 year old.
Kane lives with three cats, two house cats and one stray, he is very friendly with the stray but will chase cats he that doesn't know so careful introduction will be needed. Will chase and kill small furries like mice and rats.
Kane lives on a farm part-time with sheep and cattle and he doesn't show much interest in them.
With children he's not as bouncy as he used to be unless he's running on a walk. He doesn't jump up now unless for a ball when playing. However as he’s gotten older he does need his own space especially at bedtime, so children around 10 and above would be ideal. He doesn't like anyone touching his ears or paws so again only older children.
When traveling he can get excitable, he whines a little bit and will cry out if he sees a dog that he can't greet, he will stand up and can start to pace when he recognises where he is going.
Gorgeous Kane is a loving, happy, neutered lad who is currently living in Aberdeenshire.
If you feel you can offer this sweet boy his happy ever after please contact us.
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