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Origin: UK / Age: 18 Months

Klos is a very handsome 18 month old lad who has had several large changes in his life recently after a relationship breakdown and a change in their living circumstances. He has been very stressed and suffering badly with separation anxiety, which has caused his owner to make this very sad decision to find him a new home with an owner that isn’t working full time, because she could previously work from home but that is no longer an option. We are looking to move him as quickly as possible so that he isn’t being left at home while his mum and other family members are at work.
Klos has broken out of a secure crate and chewed ornaments, books, children’s toys, actually anything that he can find until his owner came back. He is a very sensitive lad who is also crying and whining when his mum leaves him for a shower at the moment.
He has been living with a young child and been amazing with her, very loving and gentle. He is also currently living with two springers who he has been wonderful with and two cats, who again he has been great with. He just wants to play with them and with the cats being dog savvy already, it’s worked really well. He has also been introduced to their 5 ducks - again he’s been very good.
Klos likes to run away if he has something in his mouth he shouldn’t have and has been known to snatch food from hands, so needs to be managed if he is around people when they are eating. He doesn’t bother the other 2 spaniels when they are eating and his mum can put her hand in his food bowl and touch him when he is eating. He is not at all aggressive. He is very gentle and tolerating of the toddler but they are mindful not let her go near Klos when he is in his bed , which is his safe place.

Klos really likes – long walks, cuddles, warm beds, dog beds with soft high sides so he can lounge without falling off the side, blankets, kong toys, benebone toys for aggressive chewers, buffalo horns, tasty treats from your jacket pocket (don’t leave your jacket lying around he will chew a hole in your treat pocket) playing with dogs who are the same size as him, like spaniels, with other dogs he wants to play, curious, likes to smell butts, not aggressive at all, likes older more dominant dogs as he behaves better around them, he loves playing chase with the toddler, sitting for a treat, being close to you (they call him velcro dog) he loves long walks, on open stretches where he can run or in the forest where he can sniff things. He doesn’t so much like the beach as the sea and waves scare him and he eats dead crabs and birds which give him a sore tummy as he doesn’t like to leave them. He loves going in the car, he sits in the back seat next to the toddler and likes his window to be open slightly so he can smell things. When Klos is left in the car this is the only time he doesn’t cause any structural damage but he will eat anything tasty you leave lying. He is ok jumping into the boot but a dog guard is needed as he likes to jump through.
Klos walks best on a short, slip lead where he walks tall and proud right next to your leg, he pulls on a long lead and he doesn’t so much appreciate harnesses. Klos likes lying next to the fire or a radiator. He really loves chin scratches and being with you.
With livestock - he currently lives on a farm, and may run towards them, so not allowed off lead near them.
Klos does come back when called especially for a juicy treat. He is vaccinated and not yet neutered, so this will be done when he has more confidence and has fully settled into his new home.
Klos is currently in the Inverness area and will be rehomed with his five week free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel that you could offer this loving, sensitive youngster the active home with lots of company that he’s looking for please contact us. 💜🐾🐾
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