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Origin: UK / Age: 6 years

This beautiful girl is Laz short for Lazlo, she has just turned 6 years old and her family have had to make this very sad decision to find her a new home after a relationship breakup where her dad has managed the situation for several months but feels very guilty that Laz isn’t having the life that she deserves.

She is also missing the company of her friend who was a 5 year old female Dachshund they lived together for 4 years, she absolutely adored her, they slept together and played constantly, she also had two visiting male Dachshunds who she enjoyed playing chasing games in the garden with. She had also lived with a female German Longhaired Pointer who could be quite sharp with her, so she would definitely prefer to live with a little dog because she was so happy, playful and more relaxed around the Dachshund.

Laz sleeps in the shower room at night which has a large run attached to it for her to have free access to the outdoors, where she has been left alone and with the Dachshund for several hours. She also has a large garden that she loves running around and playing in. With her dads work commitments she hasn’t routinely been taken out for the long walks that she loves, so her dad has said that her recall will need work, when he has been walking her he has taken her to a secure field. She can also pull on the lead after having so much free running, especially if she sees another dog that she wants to go and say hello to, so again this would need further training.

When her dad is at home her favourite spot is curled up next to him on the sofa, she does get very excited with visitors and can be boisterous, but does then calm down ready for lots of cuddles and attention.
She has been possessive around food with the other dogs, giving them a growl when they came too near her food, however the Dachshund ignored her warning so would often be seen eating with her out of the same bowl. There has never been any issues with humans taking food, bones or treats out of her mouth, she has never shown any aggression or even growled.

She has happily lived with teenage children but with smaller visiting children she gets very excited and boisterous so could easily knock them over. She has been walked by their teenage son and has happily walked passed buggies and little children playing and just given a quick sniff she has also loved going to the beach, but this would need to be done on a long line now while her recall was being worked on.

Laz travels fine in the car in her crate which she has covered with a blanket, she has travelled 200 miles on holiday this year. She wasn’t fed before the journey which worked well.
She also loves sleeping in her crate in the shower room even though she doesn’t have to, she has always been clean in her crate.

Laz hasn’t met livestock so her reactions are unknown. She also doesn’t come across many dogs where she has been walked, she does get excited and wants to sniff them when she does meet another dog.
She isn’t yet neutered and this will be done as part of our adoption contract. She is vaccinated until May 23.

Laz is currently in the Herefordshire area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you have a little dog looking for a playmate or are around most of the time with an interest in retraining a loving, gorgeous girl please contact GSP Rescue UK 💜🐾🐾