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Origin: UK / Age: 6 Years

Lovely Libby is a 6 year old GSPXLabrador who’s owner has had to make the very sad decision to find her a new home after a change in her and another family member’s working situations, which means that Libby is going to have to be left for much longer periods of time than she would like.
Libby is a very loving, sensitive soul and can find some situations quite stressful, however this has been improving and she has recently visited a beer garden with her owners daughter and was a very good girl making them very proud of her. Her confidence has grown over the years but she can still become scared of certain men and will bark at them. She's not aggressive just very "shouty".
She's not particularly a dog's dog her owner says and she would rather ignore them, but if she's approached at speed by a dog she will tell it off, she will tolerate a quick greet from behind but really doesn't like dogs sniffing and licking her muzzle. She would rather be left alone unless she is feeling particularly playful but she's very selective about dogs that she plays with, she really quite likes labs. When a dog does rush at her she will usually come straight to heel and stay by her owners side and wait for her command. Her body language is very easy to read so if her owner sees her becoming uncomfortable she will ask the owner of the other dog to recall their dog. Shes not a fan of small Yappy dogs and will run away from them or bouncy puppies in her face, her owner has never been able to get to the bottom of this so will always pop her on the lead and distract her with her ball if there is a puppy in the park.
Libby is excellent off lead, she never goes far and always checks in. Her recall to her name is excellent unless she spots something like a rabbit in a field then she's off like a shot.!! Her need to be near you outways most distractions and a ball is imperative as an added incentive.
Libby has very happily lived with teenagers from a puppy but never lived with younger children and can be nervous around small children out on a walk so gives them a wide birth, she is shy around people that she doesn't know and doesn't like strangers touching her head, she will simply back away, she needs to approach rather than the other way around.
Libby is fine to be left for 3/4 hours after exercise and will just snooze, one of her favourite things is sofa cuddles with her family.
Libby hasn’t had much experience with cats except for the ones in their communal garden, her initial reaction is to chase them but her owner is able to walk her on the lead straight past them with no bother. She's actually quite scared of the bold cats.
With livestock she is always on a lead and again she tends to ignore things around her if she's on a walk with her ball. She's usually much more interested in her owners and the walk, but they always err on the side of caution.
Libby travels well after many holidays to the lakes and Peak District which she absolutely loved. She is neutered, vaccinated and healthy, she is fed James Wellbeloved dry food with Butchers wet and a tin of sardines which helps with her beautiful glossy coat and joints.
If you feel you can offer this loving, shy girl the active home and help build her confidence please contact us.
Libby is currently in the London area and will be rehomed with her 5 week free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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