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Luna 2

Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Luna is a stunning 29kg, 5 year old Bracco Italiano mum crossed with an English Pointer dad. She came to us as an emergency foster through no fault of her own and has now been here for four weeks. She has clearly been a very much loved girl who cared for her previous dad very much and does still gravitate towards men.
She’s living with two GSPs at the moment but has happily lived as an only dog. Her previous owner has said that she does suffer with separation anxiety when left in her crate she pants and drools.

Luna is currently experiencing a phantom pregnancy and still has milk in her teats, she hasn’t been a problem while going through this bless her heart, but she will need to be neutered at a suitable time after this has passed.
Luna can bark at noises specially at the petrol lawn mower and wants to bite the wheels but she is also happy to come back to it with her ball for you to throw it again, she’s also not a fan of the vacuum cleaner and will take herself off to another room away from it.

Out on walks she pulls at the start but wearing a normal slip lead soon relaxes and walks well, she has walked through fields of sheep on lead and not shown any interest in them. She’s also met horses and cows in fields and not bothered with them just carried on walking along the lane. Her recall is a work in progress in the secure field but around the house and garden it’s amazing.

She has been wonderful with all our visitors and is very gentle with children and elderly family members. She lived with a small child in her first home before moving to her last home. Luna does jump up albeit very gently especially for a girl of her size.
She’s happy to meet nice, friendly dogs of all shapes and sizes while on lead, however if it’s a reactive dog that’s barking at her, she will bark back. In town she’s enjoyed all the attention that a beautiful, elegant girl gets and definitely enjoyed all the fuss.

Lunas vaccinations have been restarted and her second one is 26th July. She was a very good girl at the vets, but it did need two nurses to hold her still while she had her first vaccination.
She travels very well on the back seat in her harness and just relaxes even snoozing next to a GSP.
She has been sleeping in her crate at night with no issues, but for the last few nights she’s preferred to sleep next to Livvy on a comfy dog bed, in her previous home she slept on her dads bed.

We believe that she’s been fed from plates at the dining table because she gets very excited when we sit down, she has also snapped at Baylor when he’s come to the table to see what she’s waiting for, we haven’t had any issues with Livvy around food but Baylor does wind her up on times, except for this they are all fantastic together.
Luna is an absolute cuddle monster and will sit next to you or on you trying to get as close as possible, she’s also a very gentle girl when taking treats and drinks water without making a splash or a puddle on the floor.

Stunning Luna is currently in Abergavenny and will be rehomed with her five weeks free Agria insurance. If you feel that you have the sofa space and time for this sweet girl please contact us.
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