GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 6 Years

March 2024

Malli is a beautiful nearly 6 year old girl who’s owners have asked us to help find her a new home because she’s not getting along with the other dogs in the kennel due to stress, she’s also not working now because couldn’t cope with the pressure of working and her owners feel guilty that she’s living the life of a working dog without the benefits of excitement and exercise. Malli is well trained and very obedient but if she’s on the scent of a deer she will take chase, even though she’s never been used for deer coursing. This has been made worse because the family live right next to a deer park. Her recall is very good and if caught quickly enough she can be distracted with a ball or dummies which she loves.
The family did try bringing Malli into the house because she is quite an independent girl and she was really happy and calm when they were around but showed signs of separation anxiety from the other dogs when she realised that she was alone, most of the time she’s happy to sit on the sofa looking out of the window happily for short periods, this is being built up by her owners.
Malli hasn’t spent time with children however she gets excited when she hears the children next door playing and she’s even jumped the fence to play with them. If unknown children are noisy out on walks, she can be timid and overwhelmed, but then can become very excited quickly.
Around other dogs her owners put her back on the lead because she can be anxious of males and aggressive towards some bitches, she also doesn’t like small dogs coming into her space and will react to them.
Malli is a great traveler and enjoys being around her people, she would enjoy being an only dog and having people around her like a retired couple or home workers.
Malli is currently in the Gloucestershire area and will be rehomed with her free 5 weeks Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could give this beautiful girl an only dog life with lots of adventures, please contact us.
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