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Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Gorgeous Margot has just turned 5 years of age and is a GSPxWeimaraner, who is a smaller size girl of around 19/20kg. Sadly her owner has had to make this sad decision to find her a new home after Margot and the older female Cocker in the home have started having fallings out. The cocker does have health issues and this could be playing a part because she is on pain management and can also be an anxious girl which has rubbed off on Margot. They did have one fight after the stress of the fireworks when both their stress levels were very high and a behaviourist believed that they hadn’t manage to resolve and repair their relationship. The behaviourist also explained that Margot has never had to function on her own, she has always been with the Cocker and has copied her behaviour.
While the Cocker has been staying with a family member Margot is already more chilled and less
reactive at every movement of anything in the garden etc. Her owner believes that over time the Cocker has taught her to behave like an anxious, scared dog.
Her recall is quite good but definitely not 100% if there is another dog or rabbit etc.
She is quite reactive to other dogs, mainly because she is scared, her owner is working on this but this will require more work and kindness. Her owner keeps her on a long lead at all times unless away from all other dogs and where she knows she cannot venture into roads etc. She pulls on the lead when she gets distracted but is improving everyday with plenty of treats to keep her attention on her owner and not on what is around her. She is responding well to her training but needs more work on this.
She has been crate trained and is happy in hers if given a filled kong or other similar treat to start with, since she’s been an only dog she’s happily taken herself off into her crate of an evening for a snooze.
Her mum thinks she would be much happier on her own, no other dogs or cats and no children as she has only had exposure to a baby which she was very unsure of and her mum would be concerned with toddlers, young children at her height as she thinks she is quite scared and therefore could not be trusted. She believe she has quite a jealous streak and does not do well with sharing attention with another animal or child.
Margot is a loving girl and quite a character and with the right owners, kindness, time, patience and probably the experience of owning a GSP she will thrive. She loves nothing more than tummy rubs, loves attention, she loves heat, sitting by a fire or finding a warm spot to lie on or near.
She will have a little chew of her piece of vet bed or other blanket or run around with them or give them a good shake which her owner can see is her way of managing any stress. She does love retrieving her ball and racing around the secure field that she goes to.
Margot is neutered, fully vaccinated, wormed and had her flea treatment. she has a fatty lump on her left side, the vet says it is perfectly fine but says it is not worth removing as it would require a general anaesthetic which she considered an unnecessary risk. She advised to have it removed if Margot needed to have an operation at any time in the future. The lump is about 1 inch in diameter.
She is very good and will bark to be let out to the toilet and bark to be let back in. She is also very good when left at home, she is left with "Alexa, play BBC Radio 2" which is her cue to get into her bed as she will get a couple of treats or filled kong and then her mum is leaves the house, she can be left 3-4 hours in the kitchen in her bed. Margot hasn’t been used to walking with a dog walker but has stayed at a dog sitters where she was happily walked with the other dogs.
When off lead she tears off like a greyhound but keeps returning to check in - her owner has encouraged this with treats, and is still working on this. Recall is to her name and a whistle, it’s ok but not so good if there any major distractions. She could potentially rush over to other dogs but is always recalled in good time and put on her lead, then her owner asks the other owner to give her space from theirs which helps. She travels very well and settles down in the back and sleeps.
If you have the experience of the breed and have sufficient confidence, patience and the time and energy to work on Margot’s training and help build her confidence as an only dog please contact us. She is a quick learner and with the right confident person will do well.
Margot is currently in the Dunstable area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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