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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

Moose is a very handsome 3 1/2 year old, 35kg lad who’s owner has had to make the sad decision to find him a new home because of a change in family circumstances which means that Moose isn’t getting the time and ongoing training that he needs. He has been living with a 5 year old Vizsla female since 8 weeks and loves her so another female would be ideal.
Moose loves playing games with his ball and is a pro at retrieving his frisbee, he will play for 45 minutes with stays, waits and sits added in to the games turning them into training games. He really enjoys routine, structure and following instructions, but is also a very loving, cuddly lad who loves all the attention he can get. He has passed his level 1 basic gundog training and was really enjoying it and doing well, practicing retrievals, blind retrievals and directional commands. He has also undergone some livestock training in the past, but further livestock training would be required.
Since the change in his lifestyle he has started to push boundaries with his owner who admits that she isn’t as consistent as Moose needs. She explains that he is a giddy boy with lots of love and energy and isn’t currently being kept in line or being provided with a framework where he knows what is expected of him. He is often whiny and anxious in the house following her round, all which is likely due to not getting to expel excess energy.
Moose has lived with children aged 7 and 8 years old up to the age of 3 years and was very good with them. But his owner now worries with him pushing the boundaries older children would be a better fit. He has on occasion grumbled and growled when she has tried to physically move him from a comfortable spot on her bed or on the sofa, when he does get down he is very remorseful and wants to be friends again.
Moose has allergies to beef, lamb, cows milk, storage mites, dust mites and mugwort. The dietary allergies are easy to avoid and the dust mites and storage mites can be managed by with a sealed storage container for his food and hoovering regularly. He may benefit from having his paws washed down after walks if he comes into contact with mugwort out and about. To manage this, Moose has a monthly cytopoint injection purchased through a private prescription and administered at home. He has had a daily apoquel tablet instead of the injection in the past which also controlled his itiching well.
His owner says that Moose can range quite far on walks if off lead if not receiving instruction and engagement, often getting carried away and exploring a little too far and sometimes getting into trouble seeing what lies on the other side of a small hole in a fence! He will chase livestock and has hurt them in the past.
Moose is great out and about and will come to the pub and a cafe and lay down on the floor. He does however grumble with the introduction of new dogs into a space – if he arrives at a pub and there are already dogs there he is fine, but if over the course of the hour another dog arrives he will bark then resettle. Moose would benefit from an owner that can give him confidence, lead situations and show him what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.
Moose is vaccinated and not yet neutered, but this will be done as part of our adoption contract. He is fed a AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health Medium Breed Adult Dog Food once a day. He also has two cauliflower ears from flapping/itchy ears due to his allergies, which often need cleaning as they get quite waxy. Moose is very good at having his ears fussed and stands nicely whilst they’re cleaned. Moose also has a condition called “stud tail” which has caused a few patches on his tail where the hair doesn’t grow, but the condition has never bothered him.
He can be left after exercise for 2-3 hours with his Vizsla sister. Sometimes he is whiny when left and sometimes barks but then settles. He is much better at settling if very tired from a walk beforehand. Moose travels well in the car for any length of time but whines with excitement when he knows he’s arriving at places he usually walks.
Moose is fine with dogs he knows well and is off lead in the park on his daily walks where he meets a variety of dogs, some he gets on well with, some he’s completely uninterested in and some he will snap with (his owner presumes they’re trying to find their heirarchy). Her approach is just to keep moving and to call him along when he’s done saying hello. He has worked with a behaviourist before who described him as skipping all the usual steps dogs usually take when meeting other dogs. He is not an inherently playful dog, he will say hello and move on or sometimes just avoid other dogs altogether preferring to go follow his nose or run about alone. Moose’s recall can be selective if an interesting scent takes his fancy, but he can be very good if he’s not distracted and once his initial burst of energy has been disbursed he is much more likely to listen and work at training sessions.
We believe that he would chase a cat so won’t be looking to rehome him with cats.
Gorgeous Moose is currently in the Cumbria area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this sweet, cuddly boy the ongoing training and exercise that he loves please contact us.
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