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Moose (D)

Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

Moose is a very handsome 2 year old who is unfortunately falling out with their other resident GSP who is an 8 year old male, so his family have had to make the very sad decision to rehome him to keep both boys safe.
They aren’t sure which of the two is the instigator but no one wants things to escalate so the dogs are being kept separate at the moment.
Moose loves company and needs no encouragement to show affection, if his owner is working from home he will spend all day lying on the floor next to him in the study and follow him all around the house. He loves sofa time and would rather be next to you than on his own. He doesn't so much curl up next to you as throws himself down and put his head on your lap. He enjoys his toys, whether a rope ball or a tug type he will have fun.
He does eat incredibly quickly and this may be a factor in his slight frame (vet suggests he is not chewing and therefore may not be digesting properly) They have put him on a slow feeder bowl and he presently has 4 meals a day to get his weight up a little (presently 23kg).
They have taken him into pet friendly cafes, bars and restaurants and he is well behaved particularly if assisted by a dog treat!
He can bark at strangers to the front door (he always seems to be first there) but stops as soon as one of them is with him and before they open the door.
To avoid any conflict issues, he would probably be best suited to a single dog home or a home with a female where there is no male rivalry (this may change if he is neutered or with a different dog, his previous owner had other dogs)
He does love really long walks and he is also happy to entertain himself in a large garden. He particularly enjoyed his first experience of a beach this year, not a huge fan of the sea but loved the freedom to run around. His owners only let him off his lead on pretty empty beaches as they are unsure how other dogs may react and if he found somebody elses food he would be straight over to share it.
He does still pull on the lead despite their best efforts to train him. Further work is required although he generally responds well to treats. He always seems calmer when he knows they are on the way home and his walk is coming to an end.
He is vaccinated but not yet neutered and this will be done when he has gained a little more weight and as part of our Adoption contract.
Moose came from his breeder at 18 months and wasn’t used to being left alone. So the owners have worked hard to build up the time he can be left with their other dog for up to two hours. This will need to be worked on if Moose is to be an o my dog.
He sleeps in a dog bed in their bedroom and he is brilliant. He knows when it is bedtime, needs no encouragement to get in his bed and is trouble free all night. In the morning he will put his 2 front legs on the bed for some reciprocal fuss but doesn't jump on.
On walks whilst on the lead he can get excited and pull towards another dog but not in aggressive way. Happy to "sniff and be sniffed". When off the lead in the company of other dogs he wants to be playful and is quick to approach. Not all dogs or their owners necessarily want a dog of this size running towards them and his recall when distracted is not perfect. However they have never had cause for concern. They tend to keep him on a 10m training lead just to be safe. The only issue has been an increasing number of times that Murphy and Moose have reacted to each other on walks.
Moose hasn’t been tested with cats or around livestock so his reactions are unknown. He hasn’t shown any interest with sheep that he’s seen in fields while on lead, but controlled introductions would be needed.
For the 5 months that he has lived in this home he has lived with children 13 and above with no issues, he has also been walked by a 17 year old again with no issues.
His recall is a work in progress and after a name change he is understanding that he needs to come and finds it easier with no distractions, but this will need ongoing work.
He is a great traveler and happy to go in a crate with no noise at all. Has spent 4 hours on a trip to Devon with only 1 stop and never moaned.
Gorgeous Moose is currently in the Birmingham area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this lovely lad the exercise and ongoing training that he loves please contact us.
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