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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

Feb 2024

Oak is one of our precious Fab Four rescued from disgusting conditions from Ayreshire in November and was originally staying with Clifton and Leona at their boarding kennels where they were all severely underweight and found to have been eating wood chippings, they had 2kg of worms, with urine burns to their tails and pads and all needed fleeces on to keep them warm and to keep their calories on their emaciated bodies, for those who haven’t followed their stories.

Sadly due to the dreadful condition of his tail from the urine burns Oak has had to have his tail amputated, but being a constant happy wagger his tail needed even more surgery because it wasn’t healing properly, thankfully it is now well on the way to looking short but lovely. He has also put weight on after moving to his lovely foster home after his first surgery, he has gone up from 20kg to 26.5kg and has a lovely shiny coat. He’s a stunning boy who has lots of admiring comments when out walking.
Oak is nearly two years of age and now ready to start looking for his very own home using the information that we have learned from his foster home, so we are now in a better position to know his likes and dislikes and the best type of home for him moving forward.
Below is some great information from his foster mum.

Oak loves his food; kibble as well as banana, peanut butter, eggs are a few favourites. Loves all treats, especially when they are in toys for him to try and get out. He does like a game of tug, which he will initiate but its important not to let him get over excited or he will jump up and start mouthing, he is unaccustomed to play so needs to be taught how to play safely.
He is very strong, pulls hard on his harness if he wants to get to something or away from something. He tends to try and go through things rather than round them. Loves a good sniff and is happy wandering around in the garden, watching birds and looking at the plants.
He is afraid of shadows, reflections in glass and the hoover, he will get away and put himself next to someone he trusts or as far from the object as he can. Other than that just very curious of all the new things he has encountered. He is a super boy in the vets; he loves all the staff in there and knows where all the gravy bones are hidden. He has been calm and curious with other dogs in the vets, just likes to say hello to everyone. Amazing with new people and visitors just wants to meet them.
He will bark at you if he thinks you aren’t paying attention, as he loves a fuss. He is very affectionate and likes to be stroked and will happily sit on you to get cuddles. Good in the car happily gets in himself and looks out the window.
Has access to a crate and happily goes in and out, he’s not been crate trained due to his surgeries. Eats fast and will try and get food at any opportunity, counter surfer, opportunist food thief.
He literally bounces when he walks, everyone says what a happy boy he is. He has adjusted to being in a home really well. Loves a lounge on the sofa, especially with someone he can cuddle up to. A favourite position is his head on your shoulder. Loves zoomies in the garden, even more so if his human joins in.
He is getting used to house noises like the washing machine, so with repetition and calmness he understands, he just needs the chance to have a look and a sniff.
We’ve managed more walks, two very calm ones today and then a bad one where he saw his reflection in a car and was very scared I’m going to see if my trainer friend has any ideas, but it’s early days. We just need to find the best way to handle his fears.
You can touch him anywhere without issues, he loves any attention.
Not sure what else I can tell you, he is just a beautiful little soul who has so much to give and just needs that crazy little brain kept busy.
We have just come back where he met our neighbours deranged cockapoo, lovely gentle greeting he initiated, lots of sniffing and she wasn’t her usual nutty self. He really is great with other dogs.
Oak is vaccinated until December 2024, neutered, up to date with his flea and worming treatments, he’s fed Arden Grange Sensitive which he loves and agrees with his tummy. His foster family have toilet trained him but he has had the odd accident which is understandable. He is only just starting to build up his walks and is walked on a harness with double ended lead, he has been inquisitive around children and could be happy around older dog savvy children, but we won’t place him with young children because he can be quite clumsy and unaware of his growing size.
We think he would enjoy the company of another dog, ideally a kind, gentle dog who can help him learn how to navigate a new world that he’s only just realised is out there.
Oak is basically a puppy in a nearly two year olds body, he hasn’t shown any aggression, is very eager to please and quick to learn new things. He will push his head into your hand just to be touching you. With all he’s been through he still trusts humans and is very, very affectionate and loving towards all that he’s met. As his foster mum reported he has been afraid of his own shadow and also of his reflection in a window, so we are looking for someone who has time patience and compassion for this amazing boy who can help him be the confident pup that he is supposed to be and continue to introduce him to this big world.
We can’t thank his foster family enough for helping Oak get this far and taking such good care of him after his surgeries. 🥰 Also the people that sent them coats, food and treats for Christmas and to Oaks very own sponsor who has donated a huge amount of money to cover his surgeries and care. Thank you Jacqui 🙏🏽💜
If you feel you have a special place in your heart for this precious boy please contact us.
Oak is currently in the Lincolnshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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