GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 6 Years

Oscar is 8 years of age, he’s black and white, Olive is 6 years of age white and liver.
Very little is known about them because they came to us through very sad circumstances and we are very thankful to the vet nurse and vet for contacting us and delivering them both safely to Clifton at Goole in East Yorkshire.
Their assessment is on going but we do know that Olive has been neutered, they are both healthy and have been looked after.
Oscar is more aloof at the moment and likes to do his own thing, but this could be because he’s unsure by this change and is very confused by it all. Olive enjoys the fuss and attention and seems more excepting of their change.
They are both enjoying playing ball and will happily play with you for as long as they can. They will also take treats calmly, we believe that they were whistle trained but this early on they haven’t responded but that could change as they settle.
They have both been clean over night and are eating well. They were pleased to see everyone this morning and even happier to go out and play ball.
We will be looking ideally for a home together for Oscar and Olive because they have always been together but would consider separating them for the right homes.
This quite urgent so please help us by sharing them.
They will both be rehomed with our Adoption Contract and their 5 weeks from Agria insurance.
If you could give this lovely pair a happy ending that would be amazing, please contact GSP Rescue UK. 💜💜