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Origin: UK / Age: 4 Years

This sweet lad is 4 year old Ralph, his owner has had to make this sad decision to find him a new home because Ralph is now having to be left for more hours than his owner would like due to a change in the families circumstances.
Ralph loves to be with his owners and be a huge part of the family, he loves playing ball with them and having lots of fuss and attention from them.
He also loves running and frequently runs 6-10 miles with his owner.
He is a smaller GSP weighing around 22kg, still entire and vaccinated until May 23. He hasn’t come across livestock so his reactions are unknown, therefore careful introductions would be needed, his owner doesn’t think he should be rehomed with a cat because he does pay them too much interest.
Out on walks he is being kept on lead when he’s not in a secure dog field after being attacked in the local park, which has left him fear aggressive towards some dogs that he doesn’t know. When he knows and trusts the dogs he is fine with them his two good friends are a male cocker spaniel and a male beagle. He recently met several GSPs all off lead and he was great with them, running around and happily playing chasing with them. It seems to be Huskies, Japanese Akitas and GSDs that he’s most fearful of. Recently a dog came unexpectedly through a fence in a field where he was sniffing and ran up behind him scaring Ralph. His owner had to call him away and distract him with his ball because he feared that Ralph could get aggressive with the dog. He normally has a good recall and this time seeing the ball stopped the energy level escalating. His owner walks him on a normal slip lead or a Halti and his recall is better for his owner than if he’s walked by strangers.
Ralph has always lived with the young son who is now nearly 6 years old. They get on very well and have a great bond. He hasn’t been around older children but he can be wary of adult strangers and will initially growl at them, then after 5-10 minutes of their arrival he’s much calmer and happy to see them. He hasn’t always been like this, he was always happy to be around people and have visitors to their home but for the last year he hasn’t had any visitors and only seen his immediate family because of the change in their circumstances and being left at home for longer periods of time that his owner would like. He doesn’t see many people when he’s out for a walk because of the areas he’s walked, outside he stays away from strangers and won’t go up to them, if they do come towards him he does get fearful, this could improve with retraining and seeing more people and dogs on a daily basis, so getting desensitised again to them.
He is crate trained and happily travels in his crate in the car, Ralph is also used to staying in boarding kennels and is fine while there.
If you feel that you could give this sweet, gentle lad the time he loves and rebuild his confidence out on walks please contact us.
Ralph is currently in the Loughborough area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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