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Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Rosie 28/11/22
Rosie is a beautiful 5 year old girl who has been with her lovely dad for around 18 months, he has had to make the heartbreaking decision to find her a new home where she can continue to have the long walks that she loves but sadly due to his health issues he can no longer give her. Rosie is a fun loving girl who is perfect in the house, she loves cuddles and lots of attention. She loves to play with her teddy’s and rope toy but has never really been interested in balls or playing fetch. Rosie’s favourite thing is definitely her long walks she takes every morning, she can pull on the lead but the halti really helps. Her dad lets her off the lead but only in areas he knows well where there is no openings and only in quiet areas where he knows other dogs aren’t around as he cannot be to sure how she would react to some dogs she would come across, she likes to play and run with dogs she knows especially her best friends which are a miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund and a Greyhound that she fails to catch. She will walk nicely past some dogs but then can be reactive by barking at others, her owner has been helping her with this and she has made a huge improvement as she’s built her confidence. If she is off lead her recall is good, until she sees some sort of prey like squirrels or rabbits, then she can go into full hunting mode and will not listen to his calls.
Rosie is not good around cats and she will chase, however her neighbours cat that she sees everyday on her way back from her walk is allowed to come up into her face and even rub up and down her body 😂
Rosie does like to be with her dad constantly and she does struggle being left, he can walk to the local shop and back but she can still get anxious and would rather be with him.
She has come across cows in fields and hasn’t bothered them but that is the only livestock she has interacted with.
She hasn’t met many young children that we are aware of, but she gets on very well with older children.
Rosie’s dad doesn’t own a car but she has been to the beach around 45 mins away in a family members car and she traveled very well.
She is neutered and fed on Arden Grange kibble twice daily. During the night she sleeps on her dads bed and does get him up in the night so that she can check on the squirrel population, this is something that she didn’t do when she arrived so hopefully this routine can be broken in a new home where she can learn that she’s not going to be let out.
Rosie originated in Serbia and was brought in by a rescue that asked for our help when she was chasing the resident cat.
She is currently in the York area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract. If you feel that you could continue to grow Rosie’s confidence around other dogs out on the walks that she loves so much and give her the cuddles that she enjoys so much, please contact us.
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