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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

This stunning girl is nearly 3 year old Tuva, she was adopted 9 weeks ago through ourselves and has been doing amazingly well with this lovely family, she has learned so much and is so wonderful in so many ways. However she has recently been reactive to the families youngest daughter and this weekend she sadly bit her on the arm causing several puncture wounds. The family including the child are heartbroken at having to rehome her because they all have fallen in love with her, but seeing as this was unprovoked she has been moved to local kennels while we look for an adult only home for her.
Tuva is a very loving GWP, she enjoys cuddles and lots of fuss and attention. She is much better walking on lead because she now ignores runners, cyclists and cars, she can still pull but nothing like she did which is a huge improvement in 9 weeks.
Tuva is also now clicker trained which has really helped teaching her things like sit, paw, spin etc. she has also had some gundog training sessions which she really enjoyed. Off lead her recall to a whistle is very good, always a work in progress around stimulating areas, but still very good because she does always come back to you. Tuva loves to swim and is a strong swimmer. She is used to children out on walks and has routinely walked the school run with the children.
Tuva settle with the resident female GSP, they have had occasional issues but are also happy to play and sleep together.
Tuva can be a dominant female so a male canine companion might be more suitable, or a home as an only dog where she has the humans all to herself.
She is neutered and fully vaccinated including kennel cough, she’s also fine to be left for 2-3 hours in the utility room after exercise.
Tuva is fine with other dogs out on a walk and will happily play with them.
She’s not trustworthy with cats so we won’t be Rehoming her with one. She hasn’t met livestock that we are aware of so her reaction is unknown, careful introductions would be needed, but being a very quick learner she could be fine.
Tuva is currently in Goole in Yorkshire and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract. If you feel you could offer this beautiful girl the love and affection that she enjoys along with the long walks please contact us.
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