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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Years

Feb 2024

Zampe is a very handsome 9 year old, who’s owners have had to make this very difficult decision to find him a new home after he has become increasingly stressed with a two year old child in the home and a new baby on the way.
Zampe has always been a rather nervous dog and his behaviour can be reactive because of this. He was socialised as a puppy but always preferred and loves to play on his own with a ball. He has previously had incidents with other male dogs when he was younger and these happened when a dog ran up to him, were jumping on him or in his personal space. He has never just run up to another dog but has shown signs of aggression towards other dogs (particularly males) when he has been walking on his lead (these tend to be unneutered dogs) but can be easily managed by keeping their distance and distracting him with treats. Over time, his owners have got to know which dogs to keep their distance from and which dogs he is happy for you to walk past or stop and have a chat with their owner. The owners have always been cautious with both unknown male and female dogs because of this. If Zampe is running off lead playing and other dogs are minding their own business playing, there has never been any issues. Zampe is very nervous of traffic and will always stop to look and stand still if a car is passing. Over the years they have continued to walk Zampe on the same route locally, as it is fairly quiet which has really helped him with this fear however it still unsettles him. As do loud noises, fireworks bangs etc but generally he just wants a cuddle with the TV or music on. He is unsure and cautious about strangers however warms quickly to people he doesn't know and will be very affectionate given a little time, especially if they offer him a treat and give him a chin rub rather than a stroke on his head or let him approach in his own time. He is very nervous of the vets and over the years his owners have found ways to best help him cope with having his vaccinations. He prefers not to have his paws touched when wiping them but he will be glad to give you a high five and loves a towel rub over his body after a wet walk.
His owners also admit that there has been a big change for Zampe over the last couple of years and whilst he still goes for walks and plays daily the amount of one to one he gets from them has been considerably reduced.
There was recently an incident where Zampe nipped and held onto their 2 year old son's hair for approx 3 seconds. This caused the skin to break and mild bleeding on the head. The injury did not need medical attention. This followed an incident where after a very long walk Zampe was fast asleep on his bed when the little one fell on top of him and he was startled and frightened when he woke up. Although Zampe has been mostly relaxed around their son, the owners feel that with another baby on the way this would add to Zampe’s stress and that Zampe will not receive the time, love and attention he deserves. With this in mind we will be looking for a home with adults only or older teenage children.
Zampe is a loyal, loving, very intelligent and hugely affectionate dog when he gets to know you, his biggest passion is playing with a ball or playing hide and seek with different toys. He has a fantastic recall and rarely wanders far from you. He loves a chin rub or a belly rub or to lay next to you or sit between your legs for a stroke. Zampe is very food driven and loves searching for biscuits or treats. You can guarantee to get his attention when you offer him a treat, he has also never shown any sign of aggression if food is removed from him. He is patient when off the lead and will heal by your side when commanded. He has learnt all sorts of fun tricks over the years and he can even play dead! Whenever there is the opportunity to lay by the wood burner he will always have a front row seat!
Zampe is neutered, has no medical issues that his owners are aware of, he’s a fit, healthy lad who loves to travel in the car and is very good in their house or others. He has been left for up to 4 hours after exercise and is usually settled and snoozing when they’ve returned. They have never had an issue around livestock but always been on a lead, he’s never run up to the fence if sheep were there but aware of their presence. He will chase cats given the opportunity.
Lovely Zampe is currently in the Cornwall area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract if you feel you could give him the exercise and attention that he loves please contact us.
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