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Origin: UK / Age: 7 years

This beauty is 7 year old Bramble who was surplus to requirements by her breeder owner, but found a lovely home with a young family for the last few months. She soon learned how much she loved living in the home as part of a family, but unfortunately there was an incident recently where she snapped at the 3 year old child while they were feeding the birds. Even though she has been fine with him since the family are now thinking of her differently and wondering if this will happen again which they feel sad about, up until this point she has been amazing with the young baby and three year old, very gentle and kind.

She has always lived with other dogs and has enjoyed living with their 6 year old male and female Sprockers.
She can be a very shy girl and after quickly bonding with her mum she looks to her for reassurance when she’s not sure about meeting new people, as soon as she recognises the visitors she relaxes, if they are new visitors she can give a bark and then will take herself off to the garden or another room until she’s ready to meet them. Cheese is her absolute favourite and this helps the meetings when the visitors can give her a piece or three!

Out on walks she has been shy but is now getting more confident saying hello to strangers. She was very underweight when she came to the family and not in good condition but she is looking beautiful now, after living in a kennel environment she has shown that she has eaten other dogs poo, this is called Coprophagia. Having regular meals and putting on weight and condition has helped with this, clearing up as soon as she has gone to the toilet has also helped.

She used to jump up at the adults in the home until they taught her to jump up on cue, she does still occasionally jump up but this has hugely improved.
Her owner said that she is the most adorable, sweet natured beautiful girl you could wish to meet; she is a puppy in an 7-year-old body-loves her walks, has so much energy for a good walk and off lead run, but then just wants a cuddle and snuggle on the sofa when she gets home. (She is an oversized lap dog-she has no realisation of how much leg length she has got! The sofa is very full!) She looks at you and you can see the love, trust and innocence in her beautiful brown eyes, she will give someone as much love as they can give her.

Bramble can be left for a few hours after exercise but she prefers to be crated with one of the Sprockers for company and cuddles, when left in the crate alone she whined and scratched at the crate door.
With other dogs Bramble has been brilliant and follows the Sprockers lead when meeting new dogs.
She hasn’t met any cats as far as the family are aware so her reaction is unknown.
She has met some sheep, she pulled on lead to try to get to them, she was very interested in saying hello. She does live with 3 chickens and likes watching them through the pen/run, her owners haven’t let the chickens free roam with Bramble out as well because they are unsure of her behaviour with them.

The family say that her recall is excellent, she responds to her name, comes back immediately, they use very small treats/food as reward every time she comes back. She’s very interested in other dogs-so have not done much recall when other dogs around-we let her off when on our own-when we see dogs approaching, she goes back on lead currently.

Bramble is neutered, vaccinated and housetrained, she travels very well making sure she’s first in.
If you feel that you could offer this beautiful girl an active home where she continues to learn about being a family member please contact us.
Bramble is currently in Worcestershire and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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