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Origin: Northern Ireland / Age: Approx 10 Months

This lovely little lad is Lennie πŸ’™ We believe Lennie could be Lily’s son because he was found straying at the same time in the same area in Northern Ireland as Lily.
The vet that gave Lennie his health check estimate his age at approximately 10 to 12 months but again this is a guesstimate and he could be little younger.
He is in a wonderful foster home who has been giving us regular updates on him and she has been introducing him to different things in the environment.
He was very nervous initially but as soon as he started to settle his puppyish behaviour started to show through πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

He loves playing with the resident dog and another foster dog, he has been very good with the son in the home but his foster mum thinks that he could jump up and knock a younger child off its feet, learning manners is a whole new concept to him, but he is learning every day 😊
He has now been introduced to bikes, children in buggies, vehicles and older children. He behaved very well, nervous to begin with but then eager to be seen 😍having an older dog for confidence has really helped Lennie understand how our world works and the experience of his lovely foster mum is helping him gain confidence every day.
We have no idea how he will be around a cat however he has seen livestock and appeared uninterested in them, he travels well in the car bless him just enjoys the time being cuddled πŸ’œ

Lennie is a subservient pup and we will be looking to re home him with a kind older HPR that will help as his mentor and playmate. He is a nervous pup so someone that can help build his confidence, he will also need ongoing training because at the moment he is just learning about going for walks so is finding the lead thing very strange 😊 We have no idea about Lennies recall so we are assuming it it non existent, so again this will need consistency and patience.

If you feel that you can offer lovely Lennie his Happy Ever After with the love and support that he is going to need please contact GSP Rescue UK.
He will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Rehoming Contract. πŸ’œ
GSP Rescue UK Adoption terms and conditions apply xXx