GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 8 Months

This extremely handsome little fella is Mac.
He is being rehomed because of a change in his owners work patterns which means that he has to be left for longer periods and is missing out on the attention and company that he loves so much.
Mac is a very much loved 8 month old, he is a GSP cross English Springer. His dad the GSP is from working bloodlines and is a working dog. His mum is a retired working dog also from working bloodlines which means that Mac has the working mentality from both parents. This will need to be considered when thinking about adopting young Mac.

Mac is very happily living with an 11 year old male who is one of his best friends. His other best friend is a cat 😍he loves to be washed and cuddle up with his cat!
Mac hasn’t met livestock yet, so his reactions are unknown but with training and careful introductions he should learn to ignore them.

He has been living with teenagers but hasn’t had any interactions with younger children, his owners think that he would be too bouncy and energetic for most.
Mac has started basic training and is improving well, but this will need ongoing work as we are all aware 😎
His toilet training has been working well, but he does have the occasional accidents.

Mac can be whinny when travelling in the car and can suffer from separation anxiety, he has been destructive on times, which could also be his age needing constant stimulation. His recall is doing well, Mac can be quite excited to meet other dogs and can be easily distracted, however walking in the opposite direction usually brings him back.

Mac is fed on Burns puppy food which he enjoys, in fact he enjoys all food and is an opportunist if food is left around. πŸ™ˆ
Macs favourite things are attention, playing with his toys and friends, carrying his blanket around in his mouth, learning new things and lots of cuddles. πŸ’™

Mac is currently in the Farnham area, if you feel that you have the time and experience to train this stunning young lad to bring him to his full potential along with another dog as a companion and playmate please contact GSP Rescue UK. Our terms and conditions apply πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’•