GSP Rescue UK

Otto 2

Origin: UK / Age: 16 Months

February 2022

This handsome fella is 16 month old Otto, he is a sensitive boy who being a Covid pup hasn’t had the usual introductions to visitors coming into his home during lockdown that pre Covid pups would have had. He now finds visitors overwhelming and when they first enter he has grabbed at their sleeves and trouser legs and growled, which can be scary for visiting strangers. His owners have worked on introductions and with boundary training, he is learning to sit on his bed until he can be introduced calmly and have a treat from the visitors so he is learning that there is no reason to be fearful.
Otto doesn’t react like this with all visitors, his owners can’t pinpoint what it is that causes this reaction, because they recently had three workmen in the home, Otto very quickly took to the two younger workers happily playing with them and enjoying attention from them, but for no obvious reason to the owners he took a dislike to the older gentleman and growled at him, much to the amusement of the younger workers.
His behaviour doesn’t usually last very long and when he feels that he knows and can trust someone he is their best friend, very loving and playful. He particularly enjoys it when the two teenage nieces arrive, he loves playing ball and cuddling with them.
Otto is very good meeting other dogs and loves his weekly visits to doggy daycare where he mixes with all breeds and both sexes. Out on walks he will happily play with other dogs if they want to play, his favourite place is the beach where he loves free running and swimming. He does have a good nose and will be very interested in badger, deer and fox scents , the owners do have urban foxes around their area and he is very interested in them, so a secure garden is essential.
Otto hasn’t met any young children in the home but is fine with them out on walks, he does have the two teenage visitors who he adores, because of this we won’t be rehoming him with young children.
His recall to the whistle is normally good except for when he’s following a scent, then you have to wait for him to disengage before he is responsive again, he also ranges on walks which his mum has found difficult especially when he is out of sight.
Otto hasn’t had much exposure to cats so his reactions are unknown. He has passed horses and cattle while on lead and hasn’t had a reaction, just continued to walk past.
He travels very well and will happily jump in the car and settle down.
He is neutered, vaccinated and can be left for two hours in the kitchen after exercise.
If you feel you could give this lovely lad the ongoing training and long beach runs that he loves please contact us.
Otto is currently in the Bristol area he will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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