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Pip (2)

Origin: UK / Age: 6 Months

This gorgeous lad is Pip.
He is a large boy from strong working bloodlines and he is nearly 9 months old. He is very sadly being rehomed because of a change in his families circumstances. He is very much loved and they have made this difficult decision so that Pip can have the training and exercise that he loves.

Pip is a typical pup, he loves chewing things that are left around, typically shoes at the moment πŸ˜‚ he is very responsive and loves to learn. He has already had a good level of training and is good off lead and a pleasure to walk on lead, he has the starting of a great recall even for his young age.
Pip can get rather too excited when meeting other dogs and has mouthed them but not aggressively just playfully. He loves running like a loopy idiot πŸ˜‚ according to his lovely family and can get easily distracted when playing so you have to wait until he’s finished before he comes back to you. He also gets over excited meeting new people and can jump up. This is currently being worked on.

Pip does love to play chasing, he has tried to play with hares, seagulls and a deer.
Pip is also a great digger and will dig with enthusiasm.
Pip is fed in Skinners puppy food twice daily and enjoys it.
He has never met a cat so his reaction is unknown, very careful introductions would be needed because of his working bloodlines and love of chasing small furies.
Pip has seen cows and barked at them, then stared at the sheep while trying to work out what they were.
Pip has lived with children and has always been very good around them.

This young lad will need lots of ongoing training because of his bloodlines and would be suited to activities like scent work or working trials where he could use his brain and his natural attributes.
He is a very loving boy who loves cuddles and curling up with his family in the evenings. πŸ₯°
He is currently in the Norfolk area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract. If you feel you could offer this gorgeous pup the love, cuddles, training and exercise that he will be needing please contact us.
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