GSP Rescue UK

Ace & Thor

Origin: UK / Age: 7 months

Thor has been rehomed

We are working with the breeder to find these two very handsome 7 month old brother’s Ace and Thor experienced new homes.
They have been living on a small holding of several acres and love playing and chasing around together almost as much as they love interacting with their family, however very recently the boys have been leaving their boundaries and investigating in neighbouring fields, where there are farmers with sheep in fields and their owners are worried that the boys will get into their fields and could end up being shot by the farmer. So we are looking to find homes for these lovely lads as a matter of urgency.
We will be looking to separate the brothers so that they can all have the attention and individual training that they need. The boys are very loving, cuddly boy and because they are used to their owners being around constantly except for shopping trips etc, we will be looking for homes where this can continue and the times that they can be left can be built up slowly. We will also be looking for canine companionship because the two have been together with their brother, mum and another dog since they were born.
Ace and Thor are all vaccinated with up to date flea and wormers, they are still fed on puppy kibble along with raw food.
The boys are all crates at night and can be left in their crates when their owners leave them for up to 2 hours after exercise with no issues.
They are used to living with a teenager and are great with him. But they haven’t lived with or had many interactions with young children, so we will only be Rehoming them with 10 years plus, even though they have been fine with the children that they have met.
They are used to traveling and travel well, they are also fine around livestock and walk well on slip leads. The boys also have good recalls and will come as soon as they are called, except when the three are off on a mission to investigate as a group, which is another reason that we are looking to separate them, because individually they all want to focus on the owners and enjoy the bond that comes through training, but together they enjoy finding their own fun.
If you feel that you can offer one of these youngsters the ongoing training and exercise that they love, please contact us.
The boys are currently in the Muirkirk area in Scotland. They will all be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria insurance, have their Adoption Contracts and have their microchips updated on the day of Adoption.
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