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Origin: UK / Age: 8 Years

This lovely lad is about to turn 8 years young and he’s called Angus, his family have had to make this sad decision to find him a new home because of changes in their circumstances which means that Angus isn’t having the time and attention that he loves.
Angus originated in Ireland where he was bred and then moved to Scotland when his family moved over.
He has been living with two young children 4 and 2 years and he’s been very gentle, tolerant and caring towards them, he has been a very much loved family member. However due to his size he can be clumsy and could accidentally knock them over when he gets excited.
He is a happy, healthy, neutered and vaccinated 32kg lad who is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and fussed. He might be nearly 8yrs, but his owners say that he has the same energy as he did when he was a puppy. He is fairly good on the lead when walked with a slip lead with an extra loop across the snout (figure of 8.) But he is a strong dog and pulls if something catches his attention. He is a great running companion and keeps a good pace on the lead. He is also a great mountain biking companion on offroad trails. He happily runs along side. He is also a strong swimmer. He loves playing with other dogs especially small dogs off lead, he does recall to a whistle but does love to go up to meet new people and wants everyone to be his friend. He can be quite bouncy and runs up to people to say hello. For this reason his owners walk him on the lead when there are other people around. Angus has been trained to recall, but his new owners will need to work on this training. He gets very excited when new people come into the house, but soon settles down.
Angus loves to play with other dogs but can sometimes be unhappy when he is on a lead around bigger dogs, in particular German shepherds and Golden retrievers. He would be happy sharing a home with another dog and would enjoy the company. He has a strong prey drive and will give chase, so he is best kept on a lead if there are livestock around. With this in mind he shouldn’t be placed in a home with a cat because he probably would chase it.
Angus is very food orientated which is great for training, he will sit, stay, roll over etc for treats. However, he is an opportunist and regularly snatches food when his owners aren’t looking, he will also grab food from the children. So this will need further training.
He does have a fatty lymphoma on his side which has been tested and is benign like lots of GSPs have as they get older.
He is used to his owners working from home post Covid but he can still happily be left for 3/4 hours after exercise which he was used to pre Covid without exercise he can get bored and restless.
Angus travels really well, he has had some very long journeys and has always been good.
Angus is currently living the the Inverness area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
If you feel that you could offer this energetic, affectionate lad the time and attention that he loves please contact us.
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