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Origin: / Age: 15 Months

Apollo is a gorgeous, very active smaller 15 month old whose family took him in as a matter of urgency after a move from his first home.
His current owner explains that Apollo was initially nervous of people, he wouldn’t look up from the floor, he wouldn’t come to you when called. He toileted where he was. Apollo was toilet trained in 2 days and he gradually let us near him and then let us stroke him. Apollo after 11 days started to respond to us, he would sit, shake a paw and became very lively. Apollo is a beautiful boy with bundles of energy. He screams with delight to see you in the morning or if he has been left briefly in the day.
Apollo however needs a lot of reassurance, time and patience. He is very bright and alert and I feel now he is comfortable he is so excited and easily bored that he needs an experienced owner that can bring out his full potential. I feel that Apollo needs a lot of stimulation, mentally and physically. He doesn’t like to be left alone and will chew when bored. Apollo needs more time than I have to give him.
The family have done very well with this bundle of energy and now he is ready to have a home with someone who has the time to continue his training. He had started gundog training and when working 1:1 he loved it and picked thing up very quickly.
Apollo appears to be fixated with birds as he doesn’t take his eyes off them, through the window or out on a walk. Apollo is walked on a figure of 8 lead, he has some recall but if the outside is too exciting and he gets distracted he will run. Apollo likes small furries too much, if he gets upstairs, he will head butt the hamster and gerbil cages.
He has been left for a couple of hours with classic fm on the radio and an older GSP for company, he settled and slept in his crate after initially crying.
Meeting other dogs he’s been fine especially with bigger dogs, but appears to be scared of Collies. Apollo seems worried with small dogs especially any that run towards him, when he is on a lead.
His owners aren’t sure if he’s met livestock previously but he hasn’t while he’s been with them.
With children he is gentle and very loving and will sit calmly on their laps, however when he gets excited he can get very boisterous and jump up knocking them over, he is currently living with children aged 5 -13 years who adore him.
He will sit, shake a paw and starting to wait for meals, he really enjoys learning new things and constantly wants to be doing something with you, even if it’s playing ball games.
Apollo isn’t yet neutered due to his age and this will be done by us as part of our adoption contract. He is a good boy at the vets and has had lots of admiring comments and cuddles. He travels well and enjoys car journeys, he’s fed on CSJ puppy kibble 3 times a day which he really enjoys.
Apollos favourite thing is cuddling up on the sofa with you after a long walk and lots of activities to tire him out.
If you feel you can offer this gorgeous, active pup the ongoing confidence building and training that he’s really enjoying please contact us.
Apollo is currently in the Exmouth area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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