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Origin: UK / Age: 15 Months

This gorgeous youngster is 15 month old Cooper, we believe that he is a GWP/Lurcher cross, on the litters microchip registration the breeder described the litter as Pointer cross Cocker Spaniels, (but we haven’t seen spaniel in any of them that we’ve met, possibly something taller and finer like a Lurcher.) We have also rehomed Coopers brothers Buddy and Freddie from the same litter.
Cooper has been living with his mum but she is finding it more difficult to handle his size and energy levels when she was expecting a cocker size dog, so recently he hasn’t had the training and exercise that he needs.
Cooper has attended group walks and doggy daycare weekly, where there have been 16-18 dogs of both sexes and all sizes and ages which he loves, the dog walker/owner says, he has never had any problems with him, he is just a very energetic large puppy who has been happy to play with all the other dogs with no issues.
Cooper is very excitable on the lead and can jump up to see people walking past, he’s also jumped up and pulled his mums arm while trying to get her to play with him. He’s currently walked on Dogmatic head collar which helps with his pulling because he can be strong when pulling towards another dog to say hello. He has also been known to chew through his lead if allowed.
His favourite things are being off lead where he can run around and play with other dogs, playing with his ball and having lots of cuddles.
Cooper does suffer with signs of separation anxiety after being with his mum constantly and this has proved difficult for his mum to manage as she lives alone.
When meeting new people he is usually fine, but he can be wary of some strangers and could bark and then hide behind his mum until he’s satisfied that they are ok, then he quickly settles.
Cooper hasn’t come across many children but he can be too excitable and too playful for many little ones.
Regarding cats, the ones that he has met he has tried to chase. He would also chase livestock his owner believes, so careful introductions would be needed.
He is neutered and vaccinated until October 2022.
He was good off lead and had a good recall but he hasn’t been off lead recently because his owner finds him too boisterous and he can jump up, being a tall strong boy she believes he could knock someone over.
He travels well, quickly settling down in the car.
Cooper is a very funny, energetic, intelligent youngster who loves long walks and games with other dogs, he is going to need on going obedience training along with enrichment games to tire him out. He would probably enjoy activities like Canicross, agility, man-trailing, scent work etc.
Cooper is currently in East Sussex and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you have the time and patients to help this sweet, loving lad reach his true potential please contact us.
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