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Daisy & Dexter

Origin: UK / Age: 1 year

These two gorgeous 12 month old today siblings are GSP x GWPs Daisy and Dexter.
We are working with their lovely breeders who have had them returned when their owners couldn’t give them the time or training that they needed.
They are a lovely bonded pair very friendly and loving to people and children. They have also been wonderful with their GSP mum, GWP dad and brother from the same litter.
In their previous home they didn’t have a lot of socialisation and time out and about on walks, but they are making up for this with their breeders who say how quickly they are picking new things up.
Here is an update about the pups from their breeders as they are learning more about them.
Both dogs spent Christmas with 7 people(old and young) 7 other dogs(small and large) and a cat with whom they got to interact. They were fabulous. No aggression at all. Both dogs have interacted in my children’s art classes and love kids especially Daisy it seems.
Dexter seems easier to train whereas Daisy darling has selective hearing but a real waggle bum when she eventually switches on to the command hehe. Dexter no longer needs a slow feeder and eats at a normal pace which is fabulous(I swear he has grown since being with us). Dexter also loves finding hidden objects with the pack when we are in the fields. Daisy gets her sniffy fix but doesn’t pick up or carry whereas Dexter can’t wait to pick it up and show you! (Bringing it back is something we need to work on hehe) He usually gets an eye roll and a bark at from his mum!
I have been doing everything with them as a pack so they are learning off of my dogs(which are characters themselves hehe) I use a whistle and this I find is easier to get the pups attention when working on recall. I’ve associated it with coming back to a game of catch and a treat which is working well.
Dexter walks on a halti and gets very excited when seeing other dogs - he makes some interesting noises but continues walking. Daisy is smaller so I have been walking her on a normal lead (she needs reminding occasionally to not pull but is not bad at all - more hyped up by her excited brother)
Dexter still crys when his humans are out of sight but not at bed time and through the night at all now. He is improving day after day as he grows confident in his place in the home.
Both dogs are so lovely and will do the world for their new family if they are willing to spend time and guide them
Daisy is a smaller girl who’s very light on her feet, she’s a very clever girl and learns quickly, she does bark when strangers arrive at the home, but as soon as they are in she’s their best friend and loves giving them sloppy puppy kisses, she can also bark at dogs while on lead but then wants to play and is very friendly. She loves sofa cuddles and any amount of fuss, but needs to have her basic training restarted which she will really enjoy.
Dexter is described as a giant teddy bear, he enjoys playing with toys and wrestling with Daisy, he has recently learned to enjoy retrieving. He loves to please and sulks if he’s had a telling off, he then comes to find you to apologies and give you sloppy kisses which he loves sharing. He seems to enjoy having a routine with rules and regulations.
Neither are neutered yet and this will be done by us when the dogs are mentally and physically ready.
They both travel well and their vaccinations are up to date.
The gorgeous duo are currently in the Bucks area and will be rehired with our Adoption Contract and 5 weeks free Agria insurance.
If you feel you could offer these two youngsters the ongoing training I g and active, loving lives together that they are looking for please contact us.
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