GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Dexter is a gorgeous 5 year old GSP/Labrador cross. His family have made the heartbreaking decision to rehome him because he can’t live safely with their new baby. They tried their best to prepare him for this ahead of the baby arriving, and worked with a behaviourist, but it’s not working and feels unsafe. They are devastated.

Dexter was a nervous puppy when he joined his family but Oscar, their other dog, helped him come out of his shell. He is good with other dogs. If a dog takes issue with him he doesn’t react, he just defends himself and backs away. He goes to work with his dad and is great in the office. He also goes camping with his dad’s friends and all of their dogs. He has really good recall and knows lots of basic commands. He loves toys. He travels really well in the car.

Dexter doesn’t like strangers and does best when completely ignored. He is fine if on lead and they aren’t close but is triggered if someone tries to stroke him or leans down into his space. He gives a sequence of clear signs that he is uncomfortable, finishing with a growl, which is good communication. If these cues are missed, he will bark and lunge, and will nip at clothing. He is easy to distract and call away and can calm back down. His current owners have managed this well by controlling his environment. They also worked with a behaviourist to help them find a routine to introduce him to friends and family and his progress has been amazing. He is great with familiar people and the routine can still be used effectively for new people.

Dexter has to be muzzled at the vets. He was traumatised by a vet experience as a puppy and since then requires careful management. His current vet knows how to handle him. Dexter has a dust mite allergy which causes recurring ear infections and digestive upset. An allergy test confirmed this and so he takes Apoquel to keep his symptoms at bay. Dexter is not neutered, on his vet’s advice. He eats butternut box but with careful management, this could be changed.

Dexter chases cats and he’s not had much exposure to livestock, so his reactions are unknown. He can be left alone in the house for about 5 hours with no issues (though Oscar has always been there).
Dexter’s family knew he might find a baby joining the family difficult so they did their best to prepare him for it. They worked with the behaviourist before and after the baby was born and hoped they could help him adjust. Sadly his behaviour towards the baby is not good. He is over engaged and even with really careful management, has jumped up and nipped the blanket. His family feel it’s not a safe situation. We obviously won’t rehome him to a family with children or babies. His owners will share all the information from his behaviourist and his new owners may be able to continue to work with her.

If you think you could give this sensitive soul a loving, child-free home, where you can continue his training, help build his confidence and manage his behaviours, and get lots of love back- please email us on He is near Trowbridge and will be rehomed under our GSP Rescue UK contract and with 5 weeks free Agria insurance.