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Origin: UK / Age: 7 Years

May 2024
Handsome Dexter is turning 7 years in a few months, his owner has had to make this sad decision to find him a new home due to his work schedule, he’s feeling guilty about Dexter having to stay with friends, family and more recently home boarders.
Although all these people have all commented on how well behaved he’s been, with a decent recall and his happy and friendly character, it still upsets his owner that he doesn’t have the consistency that he needs.
Dexter is an active lad who loves mountain biking, long walks, beach trips and lots of fuss and attention.
He really loves it when he gets to play with the older children particularly the boys, he’s fine around the younger ones but makes a beeline for the teenage boys, he has lived with a 3 year old and an 11 year old for four years.
Out on walks he has a decent recall the majority of the time, but to stop Dexter chasing the scent of a deer his owner keeps a close eye on his body language and calls him back if he’s getting too interested in a scent, he’s very good and will stop and return to the whistle. He’s good out on walks meeting people and dogs, he will have a sniff and move on, but if a dog acts aggressively towards him he will retaliate accordingly.
Dexter is living with a cat but with a high prey drive his owner says that that wouldn’t stop him chasing other cats, he will also chase wildlife but again returns to the whistle.
Dexter hates kennels and will not rest while there, but he has settled very quickly with friends and home boarders that he’s stayed with, he’s great in the car and loves going off on adventures, especially if he sees his owner in his mountain biking kit, then he gets really excited.
Dexter is a happy, healthy lad who can be left for 2-3 hours after exercise and will snooze happily on the sofa.
Dexter will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract. He is currently in the Perth area and if you feel you could give him the active life that he loves, please contact us.
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