GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

March 2021

This is Finn a very handsome 3 year old boy whose owner has made the sad decision to find him a new home after a recent incident with her daughter. It’s not entirely clear what happened but it appears that when the 11 year old and Finn were both in bed, he was fast asleep curled up with her and the child thinks she might have kicked him to get him off her leg. He was startled and had the covers over his head, he woke up and snapped catching her on the head. Finns behaviour hasn’t changed towards the daughter since the incident, he’s still as bonded and loving and wants to play and cuddle up with her, but his owner says that her daughter doesn’t feel safe around him now.
Finn very happily lives with another older female dog and is usually indifferent to other dogs out on walks or will greet them with a polite sniff when on lead, he can be playful with other dogs when off lead.
Around livestock he’s always been fine because he’s been kept on lead, but his owner thinks he would probably chase cats and small furies.
Finn can be boisterous around small children and can jump up so he could accidentally knock a little one over with his clumsiness. With dog savvy confident, children 10 years plus, children like the daughter, he has been absolutely fine, very good and loving.
Finns recall is sporadic his owners says that he’s easily distracted and can be nervous and get spooked, so he’s either on lead or free running in a secure field which he loves, he’s currently walked on a figure of eight head collar because he can pull on a normal slip lead. He has been used to going for walks with a dog walker and has really enjoyed that.
Finn is a great traveler and settles quickly behind the dog guard in the rear of the car. He has stayed in kennels when the owner has been on holidays without any issues. He is crate trained and can be left home alone in his crate after exercise for 3-4 hours. His owner doesn’t leave him for very long out of the crate when she leaves the house because he can get destructive and has wrecked his bed and toys in the past.
With new visitors Finn can bark and take a while to settle, but when he does he’s very friendly and wants to sit on top of them on the sofa.
Finn is neutered and vaccinated until August 2024, he has a basic level of training but would enjoy one to one training and enrichment activities.
If you feel that you have the time to continue this lovely boys training and give him the exercise that he enjoys please contact us.
Finn is currently in the Lancashire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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