GSP Rescue UK

Hector & Magnus

Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years


Hector and Magnus are two very handsome 3 year old brothers. Hector is solid black and Magnus is solid liver, they have always been together and would love a home where they could stay together.
Their owner has had to make this heartbreaking decision after a very sad change of events in the family’s situation.

Hector is a loving, faithful dog, who enjoys company and will be a big part of any home. He would suit a variety of environments, from an individual or couple looking for an energetic companion to a bigger family wanting a characterful addition.
He’s a strong, healthy, vibrant young dog, full of fun, who’s love for life is infectious and brightens every day. He is well behaved but likes to be engaged, he’s not an individual to be on his own for long periods of time. Just like his brother, his large size & exuberance can make him clumsy, he doesn’t always appreciate his own strength & power. Hector’s typical of this breed, very quick to learn, he will walk to heel, sit, wait, lie down, etc. (he of course forgets all this momentarily when he first meets anyone!!)

Magnus is also an intelligent, energetic & loving dog, who will also suit a variety of homes. He’s a strong, healthy, vibrant young dog, inquisitive, intelligent & full of fun. He is well behaved but his large size & exuberance can make him clumsy, he doesn’t realise that brushing past a small child can put them on their backside (which happens often when his owners granddaughter visits, so would probably be best suited to a family with older children or those who understand how to integrate a large dog & small children together )

The boys have always been left together and can be left after exercise for 3-4 hours in the utility room. But would both prefer to be with you.
They can be excitable but friendly when meeting other dogs out on walks, they would both chase cats and possibly also livestock if allowed off lead near them.

Around little children they would be very friendly & very excitable due to limited exposure, because they weren’t brought up with small children they aren’t aware of their vulnerability, with older children there would be no real issues other than their initial excitement because of their inexperience of larger family life.

They both travel well in their crates in the car, they also respond to a whistle at distance as well as verbal commands. They will need to have a lot of their training restarted because they haven’t had the time to concentrate on their commands lately.
The duo aren’t yet neutered and this will be done as part of our Adoption Contract.

These two very loving, gorgeous lads are currently in the Gwynedd area, they will be rehomed with our Adoption Contract and their 5 weeks free Agria insurance.
If you feel you could offer them an active loving home please contact GSP Rescue UK. 💜🐾🐾