GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

This beautiful girl is 2 year old Helga, she is a GSP/GWP cross who has recently been rehomed due to ill health, through our charity up to a lovely home in Scotland where she’s settled in with them and their female GSP very quickly. She is a loving, sweet girl who gets along great with other dogs and has lived with a cat who used to sleep in her crate with her. She has also lived with two young male GSPs very happily in her last home.
Unfortunately Helga tested the new homes fencing and proved to be an escapologist, escaping three times in two days, even after repairs had been made. While she was out this most recent time she found a farm across the field and dispatched three of their chickens. The farmer was good about it but pointed out that in the next field there are sheep and their lambs, so if she was there again she would be in big trouble, which has caused this rehoming to be very urgent.
Helga had been around toddlers up to teenagers very happily, she travels very well and was well socialised as a youngster with puppy classes.
Her recall definitely needs work and in this new home is currently nonexistent, her previous home used to take her to secure fields where she loved to run and play, she does respond to a whistle and has basic commands for her owner. She is good on lead and uses a normal slip lead.
We now know that she isn’t safe with chickens, she will also ignore you when chasing squirrels in the woods.
Helga is vaccinated until January 2024 and is neutered, she has been left with canine company for 4 hours after exercise.
Helga will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract. If you feel you could offer Helga the loving home with a safe garden please contact us.
She is currently in the Kirriemuir area in Scotland, and her new adopters have said that they could help with some transportation.
GSP Rescue UK Terms and Conditions apply. 💜🐾🐾