GSP Rescue UK

Huckleberry & Dexter

Origin: UK / Age: 8 Years

Huckleberry and Dexter are two very handsome nearly 8 year old brothers that have always lived together and enjoy each other’s company. They are looking for a new home, hopefully together because of their families change in circumstances, meaning that they haven’t been receiving the time and attention that they enjoy.

Huckleberry is the larger of the two at 35kg, he loves people and will attach himself to anyone willing to give him some attention. He is a gentle, loving, gregarious lad, who can be a real clown, even though he’s the larger of the two he’s also the more timid of the two. He does bark at visitors but he’s very quick to settle and ready to give them cuddles and make friends with them all. Huckleberry tends to eat out of the one side of his mouth, there seems to be no reason why, because he has had his mouth and teeth checked and there’s no obvious problem, his owners do have his teeth scale, polished and checked yearly.

Dexter is slightly smaller than his brother at 32 kg, he loves everyone and everything, he is very tactile and loving he’s the matriarch of the two, his nickname is Dr Doolittle because if anyone has a wound or an injury he is always first there and wants to wash the wound and check on it. He’s a high energy boy who loves to run and hunt, he is a confident pointer and therefore can be very forward in the field. Last year Dexter stretched his right inguinal ligament, diagnosed initially as a common Fibro Cartilaginous Embolism which would go fully over a few weeks. He does carry the right leg slightly, but it does not impair his quality of life. Gentle massage can improve it greatly, but if it is a little sore it can be painful to have massaged so he has been sedated to have this done in the past.

Both lads are calm and relaxed around children after living with children 8 years up to teenagers.
They are generally good with other dogs, Huckleberry prefers females because he lacks confidence with some males. Both are kept on lead around livestock as their owner wouldn’t trust them not to chase. They definitely don’t do cats and would chase them.

They have been left at home to snooze on the sofa after exercise for 3-4 hours and have slept the whole time, both tolerate being left but would prefer to be with you as much as they can. Both have strong whistle recalls but are currently being exercised in a secure field or on longlines. They both travel very well and enjoy being in the car. Neither have been neutered yet so this will be done as per our adoption contract.

Both dogs have benefited from Gun Dog training at Iron pits Gundogs but this has slipped due to time.

Huckleberry and Dexter are currently in the Cheshire area and will be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer these two lovely lads an active, loving home please contact GSP Rescue UK 💜