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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Years

Beautiful Jaeger is 9 years of age next month, she has always been a much loved girl who is now sadly looking for a new home after the loss of her dad and now recently her mum. She was very traumatised when the police had to break in to help her.
Since her owners son has been working with her she is gaining her confidence back and even started asking him with a bark and a playbow to play fetch in the garden with her 🥰
Jaeger was trained by him and he has shot over her, so she has had a good level of gundog training. She has always been a mild mannered girl and very eager to please.

Since the loss of her dad 21/2 years ago, she hasn’t the exercise or ongoing training with her mum that she was used to, so she has found going for a walk a little stressful and has been reactive to dogs and people that she’s met. Being walked regularly again for 3-4 weeks she has already shown a huge improvement and the only dogs she seems to dislike are large German Shepherds. She is once again ignoring people and with an “On me” command she’s watching his face rather than the approaching dogs. She used to recall perfectly, but it’s not been tested recently. However she will recall from garden and in house instantly.

When people came to her owners house she was barking at them, after not having many visitors, but now as their son repaired the broken front door she sat and watched with the door wide open. When she did bark at a visitor she was told to lay down and went straight onto her bed quietly. Another family member arrived to feed her and let her out after the son had already left, he got a very friendly and excited welcome this time after he was barked at 3 weeks ago. Which again shows a huge improvement. 🥰🥰
Jaeger hasn’t lived with children and she does find small children worrying, they are unpredictable and move too quickly for her (which is sadly why the owners son can’t keep her because he has two very young children that are not dog savvy) so we won’t be placing Jaeger in a home with resident children for her own happiness.

Jaeger walks really well on lead either a slip lead or a lead and collar, she was used to walking to heel when it was safe to do so, this has needed refreshing but again she’s picking it up very quickly. She is now having 40 mins exercise twice a day and really enjoying it, she will be able to do a lot more now that her fitness levels are rising.
She has never lived with another dog so we are looking for an only dog home where she can once again be the centre of someone’s world.
Definitely no cats as she will chase.

When left overnight Jaeger will settle down and sleep for 8-9 hours no problem, during the day she can be left for 3-4 hours after she has a cry or a howl, she does then settle and sleep on the sofa or her bed.
Livestock she used to be fine but she’s not seen any for a long time. Her owners son thinks that she could be reactive until she’s used to seeing them again.

Jaegers favourite things are praise and lots of cuddles, she lights up when you show her that she’s done something that you’ve asked of her and gets all wiggly and happy. She also loves sofa cuddles and will cuddle for hours 🥰

Jaeger is currently in the West Midlands and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance.
If you feel you could offer this gorgeous girl the time and patience that she needs along with lots of cuddles, please contact us.
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