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Origin: UK / Age: 13 Months

Juno is a stunning bigger girl who is 13 months old, who can be very bouncy, energetic and boisterous, but also loves her cuddles on the sofa with the family.
She is looking for a new home after a change in the families circumstances which means she’s living with a smaller garden and not having the exercise and ongoing training that she loves.
Juno has been living in a family with several children where she sleeps on one of the teenage children’s beds at night.

Her recall has started to suffer and her owner feels she is starting to regress in terms of training and obedience, they have been trying since June to make things work but being on her own trying manage a busy house with lots of activity and a high energy dog is just getting too much for her owner.
Juno is loving and caring and very affectionate when she’s settled with you, she does not like to be on her own for long periods of time, she will need someone who wants a giant lap dog and can give her the understanding that she needs. She is fine being left at home for short periods of time but doesn’t like to be left for longer than 2 hours, If she has a long walk to burn off energy and tire her out she can be left for longer, but she would prefer to be with you.

With other dogs she can get very exited and friendly, she likes to play. Her owners have never known her show any aggression to another dog, she also walks regulary with 2 bision frise who she is very happy with.
With cats she is interested when sees them but she’s never been in close proximity, around livestock she has been on-lead and fine.

Juno is excellent with their 3 year old, very gentle and loving but she can also be very boisterous so probably slightly older children would be more suitable. She’s used to 4 teenagers and loves playing with them.
Juno is also a great traveler and enjoys being in the car with the family.

Juno moved to a new home on Sunday and has found it very stressful. She has shown behaviours that her family have never seen, like lunging at the couple jumping up and snapping which is very out of character for her. We have found out that she could be due in season in a few weeks which could also be playing a part with her hormonal changes, but it’s still not nice for the family or for her so Juno is on her way back to her owners so will be back in South Lanarkshire.

If you feel you could offer this beautiful girl the time and ongoing training that she would enjoy and the time to help her gain her confidence, please contact us.
Juno will be rehomed with her Adoption Contract and her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance.
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