GSP Rescue UK


Origin: Romania / Age: 10 Years

March 2024

This gorgeous fella is Marley he was a rescue from Romania 21/2 years ago, his owners have asked if we could help find him a new home because their life is having to change due to ill health including their living circumstances and the group that brought Marley to the UK are no longer operating.
His owners say that he's been absolutely wonderful with them, very affectionate and loving, he’s also very affectionate and friendly to people that he meets and will enjoy fuss and attention from anyone.
He is a neutered male, but they are uncertain of his age. When he left Romania they were told he could be 11 years, but on arrival here the vet estimated 8 years, they’ve had him for 21/2 years so he could possibly be around 10ish.
Marley loves his food, in fact anyones food and will follow you around to see if you are getting anything to eat.
Around children he has been really good but he can get really excited and a bit boisterous and enthusiastic, so his owners think he might be too much for some smaller children. He does love chasing up and down the garden with their adult son as he’s playing football with Marley, they think he would love a family that would play with him and take him out for lots of walks. He’s currently walked on an extendable lead which gives him the freedom to have a sniff around in safety, because he can be strong willed and can either pull you or lag behind, depending on what sniffs are around, he has been walked by lots of people when he was in the shelter in Romania and enjoyed that. He is very good with other dogs unless they growl or bark at him, then he will retaliate with a growl or bark of his own, he has never taken this further while he’s been with the rescue group or his owners.
He is good with their cat and isn’t bothered when a neighbours cat is in the garden.
Marley is fed on kibble which he enjoys, he is a neutered, healthy fella with no medical issues except for a few minor skin tags which don’t bother him in the slightest.
Marley is toilet trained and can be left at home for several hours after exercise, he’s happy to just snooze.
Marley travels well and loves being out seeing new things and having new adventures.
Marley is currently in the Scunthorpe area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract. If you feel you could give this lovely fella his happy ever after please contact us.
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