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Origin: UK / Age: 7 years

This very handsome 7 year old lad is Max, we are working with his breeder to find him a lovely home after the sad passing of his previous owner.
He has no medical issues that we are aware of other than some age related lumps under his skin - he seems very healthy.
Even though Max was living as an only dog, he has loved being in the middle of the breeder’s family (3x bitches). He has even played the doting uncle with the new puppies 🥰🥰.
He loves being with people, especially his breeder as she ‘does things’ with him and gives him lots of fuss and attention.
He really doesn’t like being left, but as far as we know, he does settle with the breeder’s girls after initially crying and whining. With the girls as company he has stayed home for 4 hours.
With females he has been no problem, happily living with 3, and with males he is generally ok. Only a couple of times while out walking there has been the low grumble so his breeder has moved him off. (It has been a work in progress, as he had very little socialisation in his previous home)
His behaviour with cats is unknown, but we think he would probably chase. Around cattle & horses he’s been fine with no problem. He has not been around sheep that we know of, so careful introductions would be needed.
Max has been good around small children. He was very gentle around the grandchildren in his previous home - they said that the children ranged from 1 year up to age 6 years. With older children he’s been fine with a visiting 12 year old.
Max does respond well to a 211.5 whistle and is walked on a normal slip lead. Out on walks he has a good recall, but not always when there is another dog to go and say hello to. It’s not always instant as he hasn’t peed up every bush in between ☺️. His recall is improving all the time but it’s still 50:50 whether you can call him away from going to see another dog. (It depends on the body language of the other dog). He loves his walks and does have the typical GSP excitement whinge when he thinks he’s going out (for a walk etc) - patience isn’t his strong point.
At times he can be a grumpy fella, if he feels he has the best spot on the bed or on the sofa when you want him to get off. This is easily remedied by not letting him onto the bed or the sofa but encouraging him to settle down on his bed.
He sits and travels well in the car but can whine with excitement (fine on long/motorway journeys.)
Max is currently in the Coventry area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you can offer this lovely boy the companionship and socialisation that he’s looking for please contact us.
GSP Rescue UK Terms and Conditions apply. 💜🐾🐾