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Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Mia is a beautiful 5 year old much loved girl who is looking for a home as an only dog. She has been living with several other dogs in the home but has fallen out with them around food or toys if they don’t submit or they growl as a back off, she takes that as aggression and starts a fight.
She is not aggressive towards dogs outside of the home, it is mainly in confined spaces and around food which has caused fights, so her owners have made this sad decision to find her a new home for her own happiness. Her dad has spent a lot of time training and working with Mia, which makes this decision even harder for them.
Out on walks she is very well behaved and will ignore other dogs, however she doesn’t like dogs in her personal space, sniffing her or coming up into her face and she will actively tell them off.

Mia has an excellent recall to the whistle and voice, she walks very well to heel or on lead.
With people she is the softest most loving dog and would play fetch forever, she loves having cuddles and as much fuss and attention as she can have, she also adores playing with her teddies and will play for ages with them, she is such a sweet girl.
She can be too interested in birds (her owners have cockatiels/pigeons/hens) and she has caught and killed
them before.

She loves long walks and is an amazing swimmer, she loves working (beating/flushing). But finds the close proximity of other dogs too stressful on a shoot.
She has a naughty habit of counter surfacing on worktops so her owners wouldn’t recommend leaving food around especially because she can reach much farther than you would believe. She has on one occasion managed to get into the dog food and ate half a bag before she was found out.
She’s not been around cats, but with her love of the hunt we would think that a cat free home would be safer.
Around livestock she has always met them under control, so never had issues.

Mia has not lived with small children but she is strong and powerful so could knock them over in play and excitement. With older children again she hasn’t been around them, but she does love to retrieve toys, balls etc, so she could quickly learn how much fun they could be.
One of Mia's favourite places is at the beach, she loves running around and swimming in the sea, she gets very excited when she knows that she’s near the beach. She travels very well and is happy to jump in and out of the vehicle.

Mia isn’t neutered yet and this would need to be done around November time as part of our Adoption contract.
Mia is currently in North Yorkshire and she will be rehomed with her 5 weeks Agria free insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this beautiful, loving girl the exercise and cuddles that she enjoys as an only dog please contact us.
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