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Origin: Romania / Age: 2 Years

After a year in her new home her owners have made the sad decision to find Millie a quieter home because she is finding this home quite stressful with lots of visitors and visiting friends and family, many with children.
Millie is a GSP/GWP cross (despite her looks she’s not Spaniel, her owners had her DNA tested)
She is a fantastic running partner, and loves agility, mantrailing and scent work classes. She enjoys long walks in the woods and dips in the local river, although she is not keen on swimming.
In the home she is a loving, affectionate and playful girl. She enjoys bringing you her soft squeaky toys, having cuddles on the sofa, and loves chasing tennis balls. She likes to give you her paw and leans on you for reassurance.
When visitors come to the home she is initially kept separate and allowed to approach in her own time.
She can be a reactive towards people and dogs in unknown or busy environments; she finds lots of unfamiliar people overwhelming. Her owners have been working with a behaviourist in
exposing her to more settings including cafés and pubs, which she has shown improvement on. They have also been muzzle training in these situations as a precaution. The behaviourist told the owners that she’s a lovely girl, just in the wrong home.
She is neutered and vaccinated until Jan 2024. She can be left at home in the kitchen alone for a few hours and she alternates between barking and sleeping. If given the opportunity she has been known to take things from the kitchen table but is generally not destructive if left for a reasonable amount of time.
Millie has lived with other dogs, but can be overly playful. She sometimes displays play-frustration towards other dogs when on-lead.
She cannot live with cats, previously rehomed because of this. She has lived with horses in her previous home.
She hasn’t lived with children but has been fine with older dog savvy children that she knows well.
Off lead her recall is good, but she has
a high prey drive. She is boisterous when playing with other dogs, this can be too much for some smaller dogs.
Millie would benefit from ongoing training and someone with experience of anxious dogs, she has been responding well to her new training in different environments and her owners can pass on all the information that they have been given from the behaviourist.
Millie is currently in the Bristol area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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Millie is a beautiful, playful 15 month old GSP x ESS who was brought to the UK when she was 5/6 months old from Romania.
Her first home didn’t work out because she was too energetic and boisterous for the resident dog.
So after a few months she was taken under the care of the lovely people at SARRs rescue, where she was placed in a lovely foster home where it was quite quickly realised that Millie can not live with cats, she saw the resident cats as something to hunt and chase, despite their best efforts with crate training, teaching her impulse control etc, she is still very prey driven and will chase/snap/grab the cats.
She is also living with a 9 year old male English Springer Spaniel who she desperately wants to play with, he does play with her but she ends up annoying him when he’s had enough and she doesn’t read his body language and won’t let him rest, he’s even taken to hiding from her to get some peace.
Millie absolutely loves company, cuddles and fuss, she wants to be with people all the time and can get distressed when she’s shut in a different room to her foster mum, she would be much happier on her bed under the desk but with the juggling of the cats in the home this isn’t always possible. She has gone to work with her foster dad and absolutely loved that. Due to her separation anxiety she has barked, and got stressed when left alone, the longest she has been left for was about 2 hours, she was given her snuffle mat, frozen kongs etc. That keeps her busy for a bit but then she will barked and paced up and downstairs. She has never been destructive when they have left her, but she is visibly worked up when they return.
Her original owner told the fosterer that she hated going to the groomers. She is still not the biggest fan of a bath, but is getting much better. Their groomer has been lovely and patient with her, and she is bathed and groomed every 8 weeks (and some baths in between if she is particularly cow or horse poopy!!!). She is a bit wary of the hair dryer, but she will let you dry her a bit. She has a couple of drying coats and prefers those after a bath, or sea or river swim!
Off lead she is happy to be walked by different family members and is very well behaved , she tends to stay quite close to you. She can pull on lead at the start of the walk but then does relax during a lead walk.
Millie is fine with all other dogs but can be a bit much for some when playing.
Around livestock She is fine, especially with her foster mums horses, after initially wanting to play with them! She keeps a safe distance. She has been near chickens, sheep and cattle, but couldn’t be trusted off lead, due to her behaviour with the cats.
Millie loves the fuss and attention from older children and has been good around visiting younger children, but she can be very boisterous and seems to have no special awareness so can easily knock into little ones with them ending up on the floor.
She is neutered and vaccinated, she travels well in the car, after her foster family taking time to introduce her to the car slowly and building up her travel times because originally she did get car sick.
Being a lockdown pup Millie hasn’t seen many visitors so she can still bark, or if someone knocks at the door she can bark. But once they enter and give her a stroke she is their best friend and wants to give them kisses!
Millie can get frustrated if she isn’t getting your attention (for instance if her foster mum is on a work call) she will bark at her, jump up and/or try to get hold of her sleeve and pull it. They have discouraged her from this as much as possible, but just want her potential new owners to be aware it still needs work.
Millie loves water, and her favourite thing on walks is to launch herself in the river near their house! She has more recently experienced the sea, which she likes but found the waves a little confusing.
Gorgeous Millie will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption Contract, she is currently in the Cheshire area and if you feel you could offer her the company, fun and ongoing training that she loves please contact us.
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