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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

Milo has just turned 2 years of age, he is a very handsome GSP x Foxhound Terrier who is a very bouncy, boisterous boy who also has a very sweet, kind nature and is described as a gentle giant.
His owner had to make the sad decision to find Milo a new home because of her ill health which stops her taking care of his needs.
Milo’s owner did say that he needs to be rehomed with a family who are extremely active, as he has lots of energy and will chew sometimes or steal things to get your attention.
Milo enjoys the company of other dogs of all sizes and will happily play with them, his owner said that he seems to learn from larger breeds. He loves his long walks and is used to being walked by a dog walker, he is strong on the lead and does pull, so this will need work. His recall also needs work because he loves free tuning and he hasn’t been regularly exercised while his owner has been so poorly. He also loves playing with his ball and will play for hours given the chance. While playing ball on the local field if another dog arrives he does like to run over to say hello, even though he doesn’t always understand why not all dogs want to play with him and some see him as full on.
Milo will need a secure garden because he has been known to find the smallest gap and squeeze himself out of it and usually ends up playing on the exercise field.
When left at home Milo is left in his crate where he feels happy and relaxed, he can be left for 3-4 hours after exercise.
He has been trained not to beg for food while the family are eating, but if food is left around he can be an opportunist and take it.
Milo hasn’t met any cats so his reaction is unknown. He also hadn’t been around livestock so careful introductions would be needed.
Around small children he tries to be well behaved but because of his boisterousness he could easily knock a little one over. With older children he is fine and happy to play ball with them.
Milo is neutered, crate trained, and does recall to a whistle when there aren’t any distractions around, when traveling he has been car sick in the past but doesn’t routinely travel in the car.
If you feel you can offer this very sweet boy an active life with further training please contact us.
Milo is currently in the Yorkshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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