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Origin: UK / Age: 11 Months

Moose is a gorgeous 22kg smaller size, 11 month old lad whose lovely owners have had to make the very sad decision to find him a new home due to a change in their personal circumstances.
Moose has started with his basic commands like sit, wait, bed, give a paw, wee wee etc. and he has been well socialised, but his mum admits to not giving him as many boundaries as she could have. He is sleeping on their bed at the moment which they are trying to retrain so that he sleeps on his own bed in their room.
He is a very loving lad who has a very strong bond with his mum and does appear jealous when she’s giving someone else attention by climbing up and sitting on her lap or pushing between them.
He is currently living with a 4 year old female cocker who he adores and plays very well with. He is also used to children frequently visiting who are 8 years and older, but he doesn’t have much idea about special awareness so is quite clumsy and boisterous and does still jump up with excitement when they arrive, this will need further training. So we will be looking for homes with older children that are used to boisterous dogs.
During the very hot recent weather Moose did have what his mum thinks was a seizure. She immediately spoke to the online vet who gave her advice on how to handle it and also said that he wouldn’t need medication if it was a one off which it appears to have been, the vet thought it could be heat related. Moose was very disorientated as he was coming out of it and did lash out at the cocker and his mum, which was very out of character for this very loving boy but the reaction was probably caused out of fear. Moments later he was back to his normal loving self again.
He thankfully hasn’t had anything similar since.
Moose is vaccinated has up to date flea and worm treatments and has had the chemical neutering implant, but when he has reached full maturity he will need to be neutered. He is fed fish based kibble because poultry based has upset his tummy when he was younger. He is a very good traveller and loves going places in the car.
Moose loves his long walks and runs, he is a very happy, sociable lad with people and other dogs, his recall to the whistle and the clicker is good unless there is someone to play with or something to chase and then being easily distracted he can ignore you. He is also used to being walked with a dog walker with other dogs which again he loved, he’s walked on a figure of 8 at the moment because he can pull, so further loose lead training will be needed. He has been known to pick up and eat things on his walks like sheep poo, horse poo, dead birds or other dead creatures.
At home Moose is crated with his sister when left, because he has got bored and damaged a wall. He would prefer to have a home where his owners are around all the time rather than routinely being left. He is also an opportunist counter surfer and he will take food that’s left around.
Moose hasn’t met a cat or livestock so his reactions to both are unknown, he has met sheep and he has shown a high level of interest so would need to be kept on lead around them. Coming from strong working bloodlines we believe that his instinct would be to chase, so careful introductions would be needed.
If you feel you can offer this sensitive youngster the ongoing training and exercise that he loves please contact us.
Moose is currently in the Northumberland area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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