GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 4 Years

April 2024

Oisín is a lovely 4 year old lad whose owners have had to make this really hard decision to find him a new home as a matter of urgency because of ill health in the family.
Their wish would be that their lovely boy go to a good home, to be safe, cared for and loved and relish life, he's affectionate, loyal, funny, obedient and a playful, lovely boy.
Around dogs he is very friendly, they sadly lost their Airedale terrier who died in the summer and ever since he's been fretting. He is
happiest with another dog at home for company and companionship.
Oisín is fine around children, very friendly, he’s been living with children 7 years and above. he has a decent recall for his owner, but tends to ignore his daughter when she walks Oisín, he’s usually too busy playing and having fun to come back to her.
he follows his dad around everywhere and does everything that’s asked of him. Ut he isn’t always as obedient for other people so that bond would need to be built up with time and training.
Oisín loves going out places with his owner and travels very well in the boot of the car on his bed.
He hasn’t been tested around livestock so careful introductions would be needed. We do know that he isn’t to be trusted around cats and would chase them.
He can be left for 2-3 hours but does get upset and whine when left at home, he is crate trained but is usually left with the run of the ground floor so that he can sleep in his bed or open crate.
Oisín is neutered and vaccinated until May 2024, he’s fed Barking Heads hypoallergenic food twice a day, which he loves and is a healthy, happy boy.
Oisín loves going on long walks and adventures, but is also happy curled up on his bed having a snooze.
Oisín is currently in the Newcastle area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you can offer this gorgeous boy the company and affection that he loves, please contact us.
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